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Auto: How We Can Prove That You Need An Extended Warranty For Your Brand-New Lexus!

Lexus has truly made its mark on the luxury automobile industry. However, cars that are a result of the “Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” come with a hefty price tag and considering you won’t be changing cars again anytime soon, the car becomes an investment.

And just like all other investments, it makes economic sense to protect your car and more importantly yourself in the long run. When it comes to luxury cars, the most efficient method of doing so is opting for an extended warranty. While your new Lexus will come with the standard warranty, when you compare its benefits with the number of restrictions, you don’t get much value for your money.

This article will examine the Lexus’ standard warranty and its shortcomings, and the extended warranty options available with Lexus. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll see the true value in the extended warranty and opt for one.


The Lexus standard warranty covers your car for 4 years, or 50000 miles, whichever comes first. In addition, wheel alignment and balancing are covered for 1 year or 12000 miles. This may seem generous and if compared with other vehicle manufacturers, a little more is on offer, as opposed to the standard 3-year 36000-mile warranty. However, other luxury brands offer the same as Lexus. It seems fair considering that you’ve paid a significant chunk more than you would do other non-luxury car manufacturers.

There’s also a long list of restrictions you need to be aware of. First off, you need to use the exact fluids and oils that have been specified in the Warranty and Services guide. If you don’t, the warranty lapses and you won’t be covered for repairs. The list of restrictions also includes “improper repairs” and “alteration or tampering”, which means if there are any issues in the car (something not covered by the warranty), then you HAVE to go to a Lexus authorized service centre otherwise the warranty lapses for all the issues that are covered.

Basically, you can’t ever go to anyone other than a Lexus authorized service centre for any issues regarding the car, whether covered by warranty or not. This means you have no control over the cost of repairs and find a better quote without having to forfeit your warranty.

The restrictions are only one of the issues you have to deal with. Even if you agree to all the restrictions, the standard warranty is severely inadequate, especially considering that most issues pertaining to critical components come up after the 50000-mile mark and that is when you would most need warranty coverage. Critical components can be very costly (Water Pump – $1500, Head Gasket – $3200, Oil Pump – $2900, etc) and dealing with repair costs which include parts and labour, at a luxury car dealership can range in the thousands.


Lexus’ extended coverage is called the Limited Powertrain Warranty, which covers your car 6 years or 70000 miles, whichever comes first. It should be noted that this is a year longer than what most standard car manufacturers offer in their extended warranty. Under the warranty, the engine, the transmission and transaxle, the Front-Wheel-Drive System, and the Rear-Wheel-Drive System, will be covered.

Components for these systems are incredibly expensive and the labor costs will be enough to crush anyone. The extended warranty offers a lot more protection than the standard warranty and the time and mileage limits are quite generous, considering what your daily usage is. In addition to this, there is warranty coverage for hybrid systems which lasts for a whopping 8 years or 100000 miles! The coverage includes the hybrid control module, hybrid battery control module, hybrid battery and inverter (with converter).


For the entire duration of the warranty, you would have access to Lexus’ official service centres so you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable mechanic for such critical and complicated repairs. Also, since the parts and labour costs are covered you don’t have to worry soul-crushing repair bills, meaning you’re protected from unexpected costs. Not only are you lowering your stress levels preemptively, but you’re also making the entire process of car ownership more convenient and enjoyable.

However, if you want to “Experience Amazing”, then you have to operate within a certain framework. All of the restrictions placed on the standard warranty are still in effect. Deterioration due to wear and tear isn’t covered and to be specific, deterioration means “noise, vibration, cosmetic conditions and other deterioration”. You still need to use all the prescribed fluids and oils. However, to be sure, it’s better if you read the fine print when signing up for the extended warranty. Remember, your dealer is obligated to notify you of all the benefits AND restrictions of the extended warranty before you sign!

However, it should be noted these restrictions are a common practice among all luxury car brands. Furthermore, to be fair, issues due to wear and tear aren’t covered by any car manufacturer’s warranty. You also don’t need to worry about using any other mechanic which would constitute “improper repairs” or “alteration or tampering”, as you would have access to free parts and labour under the extended warranty. And this access is not to any independent operators, but to Lexus’ own official authorized service centres.


As you can see, there is a wide range of benefits to be enjoyed with the extended warranty. However, there are restrictions as well. What you should focus on though is the amount of convenience and ease you would be experiencing. We’ve already established that these restrictions are a common practice among luxury car brands. Instead, you should focus on the fact that you’ve paid an exorbitant amount of money to purchase your very own luxury car. You should work just as diligently when it comes to protecting such an investment and to protect yourself. The above seems to prove that an extended warranty is the most prudent way to do that.

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