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Auto: The Latest Car Tech Features Changing The Way We Drive

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Americans will buy  a total of 16.8 million cars in 2020, the NADA reports. With so many exciting new innovations in vehicle technology available, it’s no wonder car sales are through the roof.
Car technology is continually being developed to improve safety and convenience, and make the driving experience more enjoyable. BMW Active Driving Assistant, Hyundai’s Sounds of Nature program, and wireless Apple CarPlay are just some of the best latest tech features changing the way we drive.
BMW Active Driving Assistant
The BMW Active Driving Assistant is one of the latest pieces of  car technology designed to improve safety. The blind-spot warning system continuously monitors blind spots to alert the driver when they need to change lanes (visual and audio warnings are both given). Additionally, the rear cross-traffic alert can sense approaching traffic and warn the driver when necessary (when they’re reversing out of a parking space, for example). The Active Driving Assistant also has a forward-collision warning that identifies obstacles up ahead, including pedestrians.
And, if the driver doesn’t brake in time,  automatic emergency braking kicks in to either slow down the car or stop it completely. However, this feature only works with slower speeds; when driving at faster highway speeds, the driver still needs to manually respond when a collision is potentially oncoming.
Hyundai’s Sounds Of Nature program
The new 2020 Hyundai Sonata is equipped with  a Sounds of Nature program designed to help drivers and passengers relax despite the stressful hustle and bustle of city roads and traffic. The technology comes with a number of calming settings to suit any and all preferences, including “calm sea waves”, “warm fireplace”, “rainy day”, “snowy village”, “open-air cafe”, and “lively forest”.
Additionally, the car features a 12.3-inch touchscreen (combined with Bose premium audio) that allows the driver to view complementary images of whichever audio setting is selected.
Wireless Apple CarPlay
With Wireless Apple CarPlay, drivers have a safe and convenient way of using their smartphones on the road. Although the non-wireless version of the technology (connected via USB cable) is widely available, the new wireless version is only compatible with select GM, Ford and BMW models.
This smart feature lets drivers connect their smartphone to the in-car entertainment system in order to make and receive calls, send text messages and emails, and use apps (to play music or podcasts or check the GPS, for example) completely hands-free. In fact, your phone doesn’t even have to leave your pocket. More and more car makes and models are expected to be compatible with Wireless Apple CarPlay in the future.
So far 2020 has been an exciting year for new car tech features. BMW Active Driving Assistant, Hyundai’s Sounds of Nature program, and wireless Apple CarPlay, in particular, are some of the latest innovations designed to improve time spent on the road for both drivers and passengers alike.


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