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Auto: Why is Leasing a Car Beneficial?

Instead of buying one car and being stuck with a very high monthly payment for five or more years, leasing a vehicle gives the benefit of being able to drive a different car every three to four years. The cost of leasing a car is much lower than the price of buying a car as well. The sales tax charges that come with purchasing a new car are not an issue when you sign up for a lease, for example.

There Are Lease Options

There are two options for purchasing a lease. One option is a closed-end lease, which doesn’t require you to busy the car after the lease is up.With this type of lease, you are only responsible for paying any fees that may apply. The other option is an open-end lease which requires you to buy the vehicle after the lease is over.

Leases End While Vehicles Are Still At Optimal Performance

Lease agreements are made during the timeframe vehicles have the least problems. Within the first three to four years, there is very little that a car will go through in terms of mechanical issues. The manufacturer’s warranty almost always covers this period and maintenance checks, like oil changes, are usually included.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Depreciation

Changes in the vehicle’s value are nothing that you need to worry about. The worry of how much money you’ll get when you sell it is not an issue because you will return the car when the lease is over (if it is a closed-end lease). One way to ensure the amount of money paid on a lease is fair is by going to www.swapalease.com/lease101/auto-lease-calculator/ and seeing what the lease calculator has to say.

There Are Business Benefits

Business owners can see a substantial benefit from leasing a car because a portion of the expenses are deductible. If a business solely leases a vehicle for business, the amount of money to use that vehicle is substantially lower than buying it. The image of the business will also look better because every employee with a leased company car will be driving the latest model of that car for an affordable price.

You Get All The Latest Features

The latest safety features and all the new technological perks that come with a new car can come standard in vehicles that are leased. Since they are new cars, the fuel economy is usually much better as well. The quality of your driving experience will be cheaper while still having the same perks of buying a more expensive car.

The Upfront Costs Are Lower

Dealerships won’t ask for a high down-payment to lease a vehicle like they do when someone is purchasing a car. Depreciation of the car’s value isn’t an issue either. The additional interest charges that come with buying a car with a loan cause the car’s value to depreciate while paying off the loan.This makes it harder to trade in vehicle and get a new one without having to spend a lot more money.

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