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Why and how to provide free WiFi during summer festivals

When summer is coming, one thing should ring in your mind, festivities. And when we talk festivity, it’s mainly about food, beer, music and loads of fun. In these periods, people are poised to wanting to share updates of their activities to friends and followers on social media.

They want to tell their friends about the weather, the food, the fun, the music and whatever they experience at the festival.

If you are going to be having an event or festival organized, planning for free WiFi connection is surely a great way to give your event free publicity. This is really important if your event or festival is going to come up in subsequent times. Providing free WiFi for events during summer festivals would give your products and services the exposure it needs to scale.

When it comes to festivals, people are enthusiastic and all popped up, wanting to share their moments with friends on social media. As one organizing such an event, it is best that you leverage on this by providing free internet connection.

Why you should provide free WiFi for your festival’s audience

You can’t just imagine how serving providing free WiFi at your festival can be. A couple of the benefits you stand to get are;

– You can increase the visibility of your brand or product on social media, by requesting likes, follows or check in on your various social media pages.

– Your pages would get an increase in the number of searches, as friends of those that post about your event would want to find out more on what their friends are posting about.

– By providing free WiFi, you get to leverage on the word of mouth, as the visitors at your festival tell curious friends, more about their experience with you. To get the most out of this, you need to ensure that the experience at the festival is top-notch.

– By gathering user and audience information in the course of providing the free internet, you can send targeted email campaigns, newsletters, brochures, or other materials related to the festival in the future.

There is so much more your festival can benefit from providing free WiFi. Did I tell you that more people can even come to your subsequent festival? If not for anything, for the free internet connection. Isn’t that just great?

How to provide free WiFi at your festival

Setting up a temporary internet service for events is no nut to crack, you can easily set them up with third-party web apps and services. There are quite a number of them online, and with the click of a few buttons, your free WiFi is up and running.

However, there are a number of ways you need to configure the service if you are going to maximize it for your event.

– One core factor you must put to use is, allow users authentication via their social media profiles. This is easier than having them filling a form to get their details. This is also faster, as with a few clicks, the audience is logged in and ready to share content. If users are signed in through social media platforms like Facebook, you have access to their name, surname, age, gender, and even emails. These details can be used to create targeted emails in the future

– On the login pages, you can also serve ads of your products and services, especially those that are not displayed at the festival. And if they are displayed at the festival, displaying them online for the users to see can cause them to take further actions of either learning more or engaging with them.

You can get whatever content you want across to your audience if they are going to be using your WiFi, and you are doing that at no additional cost, other then the money used to set up the WiFi with third-party platforms.

Final take

Providing Wifi service at your festival can do you a whole lot of good, and setting it up is just as easy as it can get. Every festival needs exposure, having people talk about it on social media, this would in the long run raise its awareness for subsequent ones. It’s a festival, getting free WiFi set up would surely get the visitors pumped up, and create the perfect atmosphere you wish to achieve as the organizer. Have this planned for the next summer festival you want to organize.

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