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Thanks to her toned athletic body and sun-kissed skin, Colombian lifestyle model, Ana María Lopera is possibly one of the hottest new exports to come out of The Land of Coffee.

A twenty-something stunner from the Colombian town of Entrerríos, the aspiring make-up artist and lifestyle model has been burning up Instagram with a series of muay caliente posts showing off her Latina curves, doe-brown eyes and blondish-brown hair.

A lover of travel, yoga and animals, Ana hopes to travel to the United States in hopes of further her English after completing her studies in journalism and social communication.

Below is my Q and A with Ana as we talk about her love of furries, traveling, yoga and coming to the U.S.!


Who Is She?

Name: Ana María Lopera

Age: 23

Height: (1.67m) 5’4

Birthplace: Entrerríos, Colombia

Social Media Links: Instagram: @anamarialoperape and @nanysmakeup__


What inspired you to get into beauty, makeup and modeling?

Although it was until recently that I decided to open an account in Instagram specifically dedicated to the world of makeup and beauty, my taste for the art of machinery, as well as for the exercise and facial, body and hair care, it is a passion that has accompanied me from a very young girl.

I am convinced that self-care, as well as the transformation that you can achieve from the colour game, light and shadow, can make a big difference in the perception that someone can have about it: a good make-up, that is one that highlights your most beautiful features and minimizes that that may not be so much like you can fill with confidence and the best attitude.

And I confess that, although I love and enjoy care and eat healthy, the weekends I love to enjoy these small pleasures like sushi, my favorite, followed by hamburger, pizza, desserts and other small sins, but that is the life!, is it not a question of achieving a balance, a balance, not everything can be seeds and broccoli.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love the whales, especially the old ones, I like a little bit less the chapel, I cannot understand that 😂. But in reality what I hear most; in my house, in the gym, when I leave rumba, it is electronic music, specifically I love the techno; dream with going to festivals like the Awakenings, Burning Man, Ultra Miami, the BPM, Tomorrowland and more.


What are some of your interests, Any places you’d like to visit or travel to?

I am trying to travel to the United States to study English after completing my career in Social Communication and Journalism. I love to read about different dimensions, to travel and to know incredible things through the books; my favorites are the spiritual and success stories.

I am a lover of animals, especially the cats, I think I could not live without the company of one of these hawks. I love to travel and know new places, and unlike many people, I enjoy being on a plane and able to appreciate the sky from up above! In fact it is one of the experiences I would like to repeat in my life as much as possible.

Tell us about you? What’s your background?

I was born in Entrerríos, Antioquia, and I lived in the city of Medellín from the age of 15. I like to sleep, and although sometimes I find it difficult to get out of bed, I think I am one of the few people who love and feel the energy and tranquility only in the morning, LOL.


Outside of modeling, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I like to walk and meditate, do yoga, paint and read, is a time for me where I feel at peace and harmony with my body and mind.

Favorite Book: The power of now, changed many things in me, in my way of living here.

Inspirational song: I have many, but I never tired it is “The cure and the cause”.

City you dream of visiting: Paris.

I would love one day to live in: New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Death: I am very emotional (although it can also be a fortress).

Equality: I am honest, caring, responsible, and every day for being even more disciplined and constant.


Who are the people that mean the most to you? My family is above all, it is my treasure, and I want you always to be proud of me and of what you have done for me. My greatest desire in life is to have health and my family for a long time; to enjoy with peace every day of my life, doing what makes me happy and generates peace.

Special thanks to Ms. Ana María Lopera and IN Models Group for their time and assistance during the interview.



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