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Avengers: Infinity War – Why Isn’t Ant-Man on The Comic-Con Poster?

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Marvel is about nine months away until they release what is hands down the biggest superhero film of all time. That movie is, of course, Avengers: Infinity War. Luckily for fans, the D23 Expo and Comic-Con International, which were both held last month, meant some details about the massive film coming out.

The studio even showed the first “trailer” for the film at both events. So for those lucky enough to be in attendance for either of those events, got a chance to see some epic sounding footage, which was highlighted by Thanos being a total bad-ass. While this footage did leak online, thanks to a video taken on someone’s cell phone at Comic-Con, Marvel did not officially release the trailer.

However, they did release three posters for the film. Those three posters can then be put together to form one larger one. If you have not seen the poster, you can check it out here.

But there was one character noticeable absent from the poster. His name is Scott Lang, or as you may know him, Ant-Man.

Now, we know Paul Rudd’s character will be in the film. He was spotted on set along with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange during filming. You can check those photos out here. So what gives Marvel? Let’s look at some of the possible explanations as to why Mr. Lang was left off the poster.

The poster is crowded enough

This one is pretty straight forward. Just look at the poster. There is a lot going on. And given the size of the film and the amount of characters that are set to appear, that would make sense. It has been reported that the film will feature over 60 characters. The poster itself already features 27 characters if I am counting correctly.

On the poster already, some of the characters kind of get lost. The Black Order is pretty hard to get a clear look at, as they stand below Thanos. Vision can get lost a bit in the yellow streak that goes behind him. If you are looking at Bucky, Black Panther can blend in a bit. So adding Ant-Man would only make things even more clustered.

He is actually there somewhere. Just really, really small

This one is pretty simple as well. Given Scott’s abilities, it is entirely possible Marvel decided to hide him in here somewhere, in micro form. But fans have scoured every inch looking for him. No one has yet to find him. So as much as I really want to believe he is there, I feel like someone would have found him by now.

His role in the film is really small (pun fully intended)

Now, this simply makes sense. This is going to be a massive movie with a whole bunch of characters. Each character can only get so much screen time. And the likes of Iron Man and Spider-Man, aka the big names, are going to get the extra minutes. Someone like Ant-Man, who will be the film’s resident funny man, is likely to have a relatively minor role.

Also, let’s factor in he will be in his own film only two months after Infinity War. Now, we do not know the timing of that film. My guess is the events of Ant-Man and The Wasp will take place before Infinity War. But no matter what, the timeline will be very close. So the events of that film could very well impact Scott’s role against Thanos.

Maybe he will meet up with Captain Marvel in the Quantum Realm during his second solo outing. But for whatever reason, she stays there. As a result, maybe Scott feels it is necessary to go back to recruit her for the fight against Thanos. Having Scott disappear into the Quantum Realm in the third Avengers, only to come back with Captain Marvel in the fourth one would not only be cool, but it would make sense. And it would help explain why she does not appear in this film, and Ant-Man’s role is so minor.

My gut tells me it is a bit of a mix on the first and third reason. Given how big the cast is, not everyone is going to get their fair share of screen time. Of all the heroes, he is a good bet to get the short end of the stick. As a result, Marvel did not want to squeeze in another person, given the massive size of the poster already.

What do you think? What is the reason for no Ant-Man on the Avengers: Infinity War poster? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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