A burger looks simple and easy to make, a bun, patty, some greens, mayo, and cheese – the burger is ready. But is it so simple? No, making perfect burgers is a dark art. It takes time, fresh & right ingredients, and hard work to assemble them and create a masterpiece.

My readers know how fond I am of cheese and everything that has cheese. I was looking for the best burgers in Australia for a long time. After trying more than a dozen of burgers in the cities of Australia, I fell in love with bondi burgers. I have gained quite a few pounds, and I got to know Australia is home to some of the tastiest, juiciest and mouth-watering burgers in the world.

I have listed 5 of my favourite burger joints among the ones I have tried, where you can conveniently find and indulge in the good burgers when you travel to Australia.

1st. The Milky Lane – Sydney

Sydney is home to Milky Lane, where you can get a variety of instagrammable burgers. It’s all about the quality here; they use fresh ingredients, buns, and all other stuff. Their burgers are drool-worthy.

Along with the variety of amazing burgers, they offer sides, desserts, and cocktails too. If you live around Sydney or if you are planning to visit Sydney, then this place is must visit.

The best part is they are located in six locations in New South Wales – Bondi, Coogee, Cronulla, Crows Nest, Parramatta, and King’s Cross. Apart from NSW, they offer the best burger in Gold coast also.

2nd. The Burger Rebellion – Port Macquarie

The Burger Rebellion is a great gourmet burger joint in NSW. They are a small and independent burger joint, but they offer super delicious burgers.

They put a lot of effort when making a burger; they pour their heart and soul into the place. You can dine in or takeaway and enjoy the perfectly tight, full of flavour and whole together burger.

3rd. Ben’s Burger – Brisbane

Ben’s Burgers have three amazing burgers – classy, cheesy, and veg, and all of them taste incredible.

Besides burger, they offer sides like fries, chilly fries, and desserts like a brownie and pecan pie. You can either dine-in or takeaway.

Don’t forget to visit Ben’s Burger whenever you are in Brisbane; you will love their burgers.

4th. Burgerhood – Sydney

Burgerhood is a family-friendly venue which serves delicious burgers; they call them a guilty pleasure.

They also offer vegan burger with beetroot, red-bean, and brown rice patty, Burgerhood is an excellent place for those who prefer vegan food. Match the burgers with the drink of your choice – be it wine, cider, beer or shakes and your tummy will be more than happy

5th. Grand Trailer Park Tavern – Melbourne

Grand Trailer Park Tavern is one of the epic spots to eat the tastiest burgers of Melbourne. They offer juicy meat and the perfect amount of creamy cheese in their burger. You can also expect shakes, cocktails, and desserts.

Among these five fantastic burger joints in Australia, my favourite was Milky Lane. Do visit here if you are looking for the super delicious burgers in Sydney. Also, let me know your favourite spot to enjoy burgers in the comment section below.

About the Author:

Rosemary Kobe is a homemaker who loves to play with her two-little twin-toddlers at her homes in Sydney & Melbourne. She is one of the greatest foodies in Australia experimenting with a lot of dishes at home and occasionally heads out in search for new eateries in Sydney or Melbourne. If you know one – let her know in the comments below or mail me at [rosemariikobe@gmail.com]

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