In the summer, it’s easy to stay in shape. There is always some workout calling to you, some field sport or outdoor rec activity happening right now. But then September rears its head, the leaves start to turn rusty brown, and the weather pushes everyone indoors. You replace the sports with Netflix, the outdoor rec activities for nights at the pub.

Back in the olden days, it might’ve made sense to slow down in the fall – you have to conserve energy and calories to greet the harsh winter chill ahead, and all its physical demands. But modern life isn’t like that, and we often spend the cold months sedentary and unhealthy. Luckily, there are still fun ways to stay active in the summer, and number one on the list of ways is an activity you might not expect: axe throwing.

What Is Axe Throwing?

Having gained massive popularity in the past decade, axe throwing is the gamification of the age-old pastime of throwing a heavy weapon at a wooden target. Taking turns throwing an axe at a bullseye painted on a wooden plank, competitors face off in competition to see who has the most accurate throw. It takes some skill to get your throw right, but when you join a local axe throwing league you’ll pick it up pretty easily since there are plenty of experts and intermediate throwers around to offer tips.

The Workout

Axe throwing works your arm muscles and core and provides some light aerobic exercise as well. Any repetitive motion with a weighted object is going to be a good source of exercise, and axe throwing is no exception; unlike weights, though, axe throwing is actually exciting.

Team Motivation

For motivation, as well as community belonging, it is better to work out in a group. Luckily, the axe throwing community is very inclusive and very supportive of new league members, welcoming all abilities and identities and working together to ensure everyone is throwing to the best of their abilities.

Stress Relief

It should come as no surprise that shattering a wooden board with an axe is good for stress relief. As winter looms, work gets stressful, and one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is cut down on your stress levels. Axe throwing is the perfect venting activity, as it gets out some built up frustration without hurting anyone.


One of the best ways to stay motivated is to tap into your competitive side. Axe throwing competitions let you face off against other throwers, while getting a good workout. Chances are you will be so swept up in the spirit of competition that you will hardly notice your arms getting toned.

Don’t let the cold weather freeze you out of staying in shape. Get a great exercise, a supportive community, an effective stress reliever, and a competitive experience when you join an axe throwing league. And as an added bonus, you’ll look cool as hell!

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