As the world is moving forward with crazy speed, new digital services are coming to the market. To comply with the needs of the changing digital arena, today’s digital services are going on beyond our thinking.

Digital services are becoming complex day by day. And as of now, it is almost impossible to control everything by one person or a single group because of the variety of the task we need to do. Building a fully compatible digital service with any single application, single team, or by any single means is almost impossible nowadays and therefore, you need to assign a special team for special works.

There are two major types of services that need attention for any business. The first one is the frontend and the second, the most important one is the backend. Let us explain.

You meet a man. You are seeing his hand, eyes, and appearance. This is front-end. So, as a front-end user you will see what is in front of you.

On the other hand, that man everything is controlled by his own structure like a backbone, heart, kidneys, etc which you do not see. These things can be termed as backend. So, it means as a frontend user you will not be able to see the inside of a digital product, whereas as a backend developer you will build the systems so that the user sees.

Why Backend works is important?

For any digital product, backend works are like the backbone of the human body. The backend delivers those things, that are asked by the frontend user. So, if your backbone is not strong enough you will not be able to deliver the asked services to your client. That’s the only reason backend works should be strong enough. You can either do the backend works by yourself or you can hire some person or company to handle it on your behalf.

Why Backend as a Service(BaaS) has Emerged?

Already been said, it is impossible to maintain everything by one person or team. Therefore, backend service emerged to help digital companies to serve the best to their customers or client.

Readymade BaaS vs. Custom BaaS

Both ready-made BaaS and custom made BaaS has good and bad sides. Readymade BaaS is user-friendly and takes less time to develop whereas custom BaaS has the option to be made as per your request. So, custom BaaS offers more flexibility than ready-made BaaS. But to build custom BaaS requires a lot of time and hence capturing the market requires additional time for digital services. As custom BaaS requires coding from scratch the cost f developing the whole system will incur more cost than of ready-made BaaS.

Mobile BaaS

Mobile Backend as a Service or mBaaS is pretty same as BaaS except that it would be for mobile users. For example, for an application based on Android, mBaaS can play a vital role to scale up its usability and speed.

Why You Shall Take BaaS services in terms of Business/Technological Aspects?

In terms of time and cost of development, BaaS offers very limited time to develop the service as well as at a low cost. This will certainly help you to-

  • Enter the market within a short time.
  • Will help you scale up your business
  • Will save your bucks.
  • Speedy backend service
  • Manage the backend cloud infrastructure.
  • Can be operated with less manpower.
  • Allows extra time to manage the business to make a profit.
  • Leverage the works of the frontend developers and hence they can concentrate on the user interface, user acquisition, etc.
  • Provides ready to use codes that increase user functionality.
  • High-value code lines can be done by the backend developer.

Overall, if you take BaaS, you are going to have all these benefits. Moreover, you can concentrate on your business more than ever that will scale productivity.

What could be the features of BaaS?

In basic, BaaS can provide a wide scale of features required for any website, application, software r any digital goods. In short, the following BaaS features are much common in today’s digital arena:

  • Cloud management.
  • SaaS business management.
  • Database Management.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) management.
  • User authentication.
  • Social media integration.
  • Email verification, push notifications, pop-up notification.
  • Geolocation based features.
  • CDN and cache management.
  • Web security management etc.

Backend as a Service (BaaS) is becoming popular day by day to leverage the works to be done before establishing any digital business. As it has many benefits from both business and technological aspects, digital service providers are becoming lean to take BaaS.

In which services BaaS is more popular?

In each and every field of digital products, BaaS becoming popular. Especially in the following cases, BaaS are more popular than others-

  • Complex mobile application where real time data is used like Uber.
  • Gaming apps.
  • SaaS businesses.
  • Custom made websites where users put their data.
  • Communication apps Like Viber, WhatApp etc.
  • Transportation systems where real-time data management is needed.

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