Uneven and imbalanced skin tones can be the result of any number or combination of factors. Things such as over-exposure to UV rays, pollution, hormonal imbalance, and even eating the wrong foods or drinking the wrong liquids can have this effect on certain people. While there are some basic methods that can help with the appearance of this simultaneously darkened and lightened skin tone like staying hydrated and using sunscreen, these are more preventative measures to be taken beforehand.

To actually reduce and reverse an already existing problem, we thoroughly researched the most popular and most effective products available on the market and we came up with these suggestions to help even out those mismatched skin tones:

Anti-Aging Products

These turn-back the-clock agents aren’t just for smoothing out fine lines or getting rid of wrinkles, it turns out that a quality anti aging serum also works to even out imbalances in skin tones. By helping to hydrate the skin with regular use, these products also increase collagen production, exfoliate the skin from beneath the surface, improve elasticity, and with consistency help to even out the skin’s completion. We already knew these serums and creams were great, but we had no idea how multi-purpose they actually were.

Hyaluronic Acid Solutions

We found a lot of satisfaction with these types of skin care products from both users and beauty experts. The best hyaluronic acid serum showed to improve the lift and tightness of the skin (wherever used), as well as increasing the hydration and moisture levels which is key in combating unevenness in your tone and color.

In addition to keeping the skin hydrated evenly, it also repairs damaged skin cells and replaces old ones with new, younger counterparts. And since these new cells haven’t been exposed to the elements or conditions that created the imbalance in skin tone in the first place, they are fresh and even colored. Using this type of product twice a day either a few drops on its own or mixing it with your favorite anti-aging formula will make a world of difference in a very reasonable amount of time.

Vitamin C Supplements

Among all of the oils, creams, lotions, solutions, and supplements we looked heavily into, vitamin c serum just might be the most effective and highly lauded across the board from users to skin care scientists and to beauty consultants for its overall effectiveness in battling uneven skin tone and discoloration.

Vitamin C works to replenish key nutrients in the skin (as well as throughout the rest of the body) which are necessary in staying hydrated and converting the sun’s energy into healthy vitamins and minerals while protecting us from the effects of UV exposure. It is recommended that you actually keep these products in the refrigerator to extend their life and slow down the dissipation process.  It is also recommended that you use a sunscreen in addition to applying your serum once in the morning and once again in the evening.

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