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Beauty: Things You Should Not Do After a Botox Treatment

Most of us place beauty as our top priority and we are willing to do what we can to achieve this dream. Majority of the people resort to cosmetic treatments as a way to fulfil this goal. However, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind after getting a cosmetic procedure.

If we take a look at all the cosmetic procedures on the market, the most popular of all is Botox. Still, it is imperative that you know how to take care of yourself after the treatment in order to avoid complications.

Though there are numerous advantages of receiving a Botox procedure, if you do not follow specific precautionary actions afterwards, you might experience undesirable results.

Here is what you should do to avoid unwanted results after getting your procedure:

1. Exercising and Working Out

After your Botox procedure, you need to avoid working out. This is because you need to allow the product to settle in your body. Wait for a minimum of 24 hours to see the best results.

2. Disturbing the area where you got the injection

After the procedure, you might start to feel some discomfort and you start having urges to rub or massage the injection site. However, you need to avoid doing so as much as possible. It is imperative that you let your skin recover from the procedure. That is why it is imperative you make no unnecessary movements in that site which can bring unwelcomed results.

3. Laying on your face

Normally, the average time of recovery after a Botox procedure is around 2 to 4 hours. After the treatment, you might wish to take a nap. However, it is recommended you do something else during the recovery time instead of laying right on your face.

4. No Consuming Alcohol

After your treatment, you have to avoid taking huge amounts of alcohol. This is because you would want to avoid negative and adverse reactions like bruising. Make sure that you do not drink any alcoholic beverages at least for some days before and after your procedure.

5. Avoid Blood Thinners

After your treatment, you should avoid consuming any blood thinners. Before you do start taking such medications again, it is advisable you see your doctor first.

6. Physical activity

Besides working out you also need to avoid doing any vigorous and strenuous activity, which can cause you harm. Make sure to give yourself at least 24 hours before you resume with your vigorous activity regimens.

7. Avoid Touching

Along with avoiding to rubbing or massage the injection site as we discussed earlier, it is also essential that you try to avoid touching the site minimum for 6 hours after you have had the treatment. Once the 6 hours are up, you are free to softly wash the area with water and soap.

8. Avoid Exposure To Excessive Heat

Until all the swelling and redness have disappeared, you should avoid any heat lamp or sunbathing procedures.

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