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Beauty: What Is Liposuction and Its Significance to the Ladies Beautification?

A slim appearance is the desire of every lady but all of them are not fortunate enough to have one. It requires a healthy lifestyle & adequate time for exercise which is not available for everyone. Fat cells gradually store in different areas of the body like abdomen, waistline & thighs that distort your body very badly. This is not only concerned with physical appearance but also badly affect overall health. Although obesity is bad for every gender, ladies are more oppressed with it. Many clinics suggest medication courses & weird therapies that are nothing but the wastage of time & money. If you really want the most reliable technique of fat removal, nothing can match liposuction. Many cosmetic surgery clinics are currently providing this service. Here is some crucial information that you should know.

What is liposuction?


It is a process of fat suction with the help of an invasive device called cannula. The surgeons of liposuction insert cannula tube inside the patient’s dermis layer of skin. With a high-pressure vacuum, this tube removes fat from various areas of the body. It is among the most common fat removal processes currently available in at a dermatologist. Major body parts where this fat removal technique is applicable are:-

  1. Belly
  2. Hips
  3. Arms
  4. Thigh
  5. Back
  6. Waistline

Types of liposuction

A dermatologist or plastic surgeon can suggest you 3 kinds of liposuction techniques that are:-

1. Tumescent

Surgeons inject saline (salt water) along with epinephrine & lidocaine which that helps in loosen the fat cells that eradicate painlessly.

2. Ultrasound-Assisted

The powerful ultrasonic waves are capable of rupturing the fat cells that liquify instantly and become convenient to remove.

3. Laser-Assisted

Surgeons use lase bursts to liquefy the fat cells. This is an advanced process & require just a few minutes because of the heat energy in the wavelengths melt down fat instantly. Once it liquifies, the removal process becomes very convenient.

Liposuction treatment procedure

  1. Before starting the surgical process, anesthesia is given to the patient because cannula insertion is an invasive technique.
  2. Once the patient goes into a deep sleep, the surgeon inserts a hollow tube inside the fat area that works with the back & forth mechanism.
  3. The fat turns into a liquid that eradicates from the body with the same tube. Right after the execution of the suction process, the patient will feel a significant transformation that becomes visible in just a few days.

Advantages of liposuction over other therapies

1. Assured & instant results

Ladies want instant results of every beauty treatment and liposuction is suitable for this purpose. This process removes fat cells instantly that one can notice right after the compoetion of surgery.

2. Long-term solution

Some ladies hide their extra fat by using stretchable bands which is a temporary solution. Supplements & diet plans can also help but you need liposuction for long term results.

3. No medication courses

Many fat reduction courses involve a set of different treatments including medicines, diet plan & exhausting exercises.  On the other hand, a plastic surgeon Newport Beach just need a cannula to remove fat.

Risks to consider

As you know that liposuction is an invasive technique, some risks are obvious. When a surgeon inserts a cannula, here are some risks that you must remember:-

  1. Excess of bleeding
  2. Feeling burning sensation
  3. Uneven surface after fat removal
  4. Fluid pockets formation
  5. Permanent scars formation in some cases

After the completion of the liposuction process, you will experience redness and swelling but there is no need to worry. These are some temporary impacts and heals in just a few days.


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