Moissanite Engagement Rings

Ever heard of a three-month rule? For old times’ sake, there was a tradition that said that the engagement Ring should generally cost as much as three months of your significant other’s salary. That rule is currently outdated. However, every girl does deserve an engagement ring of her worth. Of course, diamonds are forever, and the use of a diamond symbolizes the permanence of the marriage and wedding. However, diamonds also have or not so fancy or flowering history. There is something far prettier than diamond, enter- over moissanite engagement rings! 

If you are still in the works of finding out what kind of an engagement ring you should get your special someone – hold off – read this information, and then proceed.

What’s a Moissanite? 

One of the most brilliant mineral stones that are full of hardness, fire, brilliance, and lust are known as moissanite. Moissanite is the silicon carbide formed as a single crystal that is lab-created and similar to diamond in the most obvious ways. 

Some of The Advantages and Benefits of Buying an Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring: 

  • The Price Comparison

The biggest advantage of getting moissanite over diamonds is its price point. You can easily find affordable moissanite engagement rings as opposed to extremely expensive diamond rings of a smaller cut. Generally, diamonds are priced on the basis of the 4 C’s – namely, cut, carat, clarity, and color. Affordable moissanite engagement rings, on the other hand, or price on the basis of their size and whether or not they are enhanced. An oval moissanite engagement ring of the same carat as that of a diamond could cost about a fraction of the cost of the diamond engagement ring.

  • The Shape Comparison

Although diamonds are sought after, they are not available in different cuts. However, affordable moissanite engagement rings are just about available in any court imaginable to mankind. Some of the various cuts available of a moissanite ring are – emerald, round, oval, heart, cushion, and pear. 

  • The Longevity and Durability Comparison

Another one of the best benefits of buying an oval moissanite engagement ring is the fact that it lost far longer than a diamond. Moissanite stones tend not to lose their shine or become cloudy over time. Even years later, they still have the same brightness as the day that you first bought them. This is the sort of thing that makes one want to pass down family jewelry to children and is kept in the family for years to come. But from the brightness factor, they are extremely durable and can withstand any abrasion or scratching for more than a diamond is able to. Although diamond is a harder substance than moissanite, they have a similar durability factor. Also, there is second only to diamond on the most scale of purity of gemstones which makes them very valuable.

oval moissanite engagement ring

  • The Brilliance Comparison

Moyes and night is an extremely brilliant stone. The light return quality is amazing and even more so than the quality of a diamond. It shines and shimmers far more than a diamond does, as they’re able to reflect light even more than a diamond stone. 

All of these benefits make an affordable moissanite engagement ring far more valuable than a diamond, especially if it has to be passed down generations within your family. You may want to consider buying an oval moissanite engagement ring as opposed to a diamond ring of a smaller cut available at the same pricing.

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