RUDN Enclave is a housing project in Rawalpindi that spread around an area of 10,000 Kanals. This housing project attracts people who make an investment in housing property. This housing project has already sent an application to Rawalpindi Development Authority for a No Objection Certificate (NOC), and the developer soon obtain it. In addition, RMRSCO Pvt. 

Limited and National NESPAK signed an agreement to make and hand over housing colony within the time of 2 years. RUDN enclave Payment Plan is also available on the site of the RUDN enclave, which provides the facility to book your plan as well. 

Further, we will discuss the benefits of investing in RUDEN Enclave society. 

Reasons and Benefits to Invest in RUDEN Enclave Rawalpindi Project:

RUDN enclave is a newly made housing colony, and also it is a profitable community. Here are some real reasons to invest in this project.

  • Authentication of the Project

While investing in any main project, the concern is about its authenticity. Rudan enclave Islamabad is a new residential community. Its aim is to be a representation of new engineers and be a service directed project that derives from national and international knowledge. 

Most people look for the authentication and liability of the project in which they are investing. Thus, the Designer and plan maker of the RUDN enclave is a Government institute(NESPAK) that is run by National Engineer Services. In  Asia and Africa, NESPAK is a prominent engineering consultation platform. RMRSCO is also equally working on this project. These organizations confirm their authenticity.

  • Secure Gated Community

It is a famous and attractive housing colony having safety walls and other facilities. Security guards protect people’s entrance and exit. Without security, other facilities are useless. A stable and comfortable colony make people more comfortable. 

In surrounding areas, it is an essential selling point. Management has made safety walls and also set up security equipment to avoid security tragedies. CCTV cameras, security guards, and gates are involved in the security setup. You can make sure that the future living life of your family will be secured with the security strategies that they have initiated in their project. 

  • Legal Project

Developers of this project have forwarded the application for NOC, which is now developing by the Rawalpindi Development administration. As stated by real estate area experts Manahil Estate, developers will soon get NOC. Besides this, developers are working on a legally assigned area with their plan. NOC clear away all concerns about the legacy of the land. 

  • Affordability

As this housing project is in its initial phase so, its investments are affordable. The main aim of making this colony was to give fancy and comfortable property at low prices. Its low investment attracted investors all around the world because it is a special opportunity to invest in housing property in a good location and low rates in Islamabad.

  • Easy Installment Plans

The best advantage of it is easy instalments that attract real estate agents and investors. Forty-eight simple instalments are available, each charge approximately 51450 Rs. Its prices are low because developers want to build trust with their investors. With its consistent development, plots, as well as houses, are available to buy.

Final Verdict

Above are the interesting reasons to invest in this housing society. These reasons are enough for people who wants a good future. Rawalpindi Rudan enclave is a symbol of future living. For further details, please explore more about the promotions and project plan further on their official website to get the exact idea.  


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