Picturesque Thailand is one of the best places in the world to spend a romantic holiday in, and there’s something in it for every couple, whether you’re a pair of adventurous free spirits always up for the next thrill or a no-nonsense urbanite couple with an appreciation for the finer things in life. If you’re getting married soon and looking up honeymoon destinations that won’t cost you an arm and a leg after wedding expenses, look no further. Below, we take you on a trip to some of the most romantic places in the country to spend your honeymoon in:

1. Bangkok

Sizzling, steamy Bangkok likely wouldn’t be a couple’s first choice for a honeymoon; it doesn’t exactly scream getaway, and can feel a little too frenetic and somewhat overcrowded. However, Thailand’s electrifying capital hides more than a few tricks up her sleeve. If you’re the kind of couple that enjoys a vibrant nightlife scene, loves to soak up the local culture, or marvels at cultural landmarks, then this is the city for you. Staying in Bangkok means never having to give up the creature comforts we commonly associate with city living, but still having access to whimsical pockets of space to spend alone time in.

The City of Angels has no shortage of activities you can do as a couple, from a dreamy sunset cruise at Chao Phraya to dinner at Gaggan, a 2-Michelin star restaurant that was also named the #1 restaurant on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2018. When night falls, there’s no shortage of sky bars with gorgeous panoramic views of the city; you can take a trip to any of the colorful night markets that only open after sunset or visit Khao San Road to dance the night away.

2. Nakhon Ratchasima

Nature lovers love Nakhon Ratchasima, and it’s an idyllic departure from Bangkok despite being only a couple of hours out. Thailand’s largest province is home to the scenic town of Khao Yai, known as the Switzerland of Isan for its markedly cooler climate. This is all thanks to its elevation; the altitude here varies from 400 to over 1000 meters at the highest point. It’s quite the charming rural escape, and you and your loved one can wander around wineries and orchards or arrange to spend the day at a farm just to enjoy the slower pace of life.

There are plenty of cheap hotels in Khao Yai (use ที่พักเขาใหญ่ราคาถูก as your search term for a wider variety of results) to stay in that are nonetheless as private and as isolated as you’d like them to be. Or you could splurge to stay in a hotel that’s been modelled after a European castle, or one that resembles a French manor house in the countryside. If you’re an active couple whose idea of fun is going on hikes, bike rides, and camping, check out Khao Yai National Park, a vast nature reserve that extends into 2 additional provinces with an area of about 2,200 kilometers. The landscape is so diverse that you could be walking through dense jungle one minute and crossing flat grasslands in the next.

3. Koh Samui

This island paradise consistently tops numerous best-of-Thailand lists and it’s not at all difficult to see why: Koh Samui is stunning. The island is surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters that lead to powdery-white sand beaches, but further inland you’ll find that the landscape transforms into unspoiled forests that lead to breath-taking waterfalls and verdant hills. It’s where you go when you want to have it all – there are luxury beachfront accommodations and fine dining restaurants aplenty, spas for relaxing couples’ treatments, and heart-pumping activities such as cliff diving or bungee jumping to satisfy thrill-seekers.

If it’s nightlife you’re after, plan your visit around the next full moon—Koh Phangan is just a hop and a skip away, which means that the legendary Full Moon Party is easily accessible from the island, too. Koh Samui’s best feature, though, is one that we think most people tend to overlook: the weather is absolute perfection 9 months out of the year, with minimal temperature fluctuations. Since it’s your honeymoon, you may want to splurge a little on a private beach villa at any of the premium resorts on the island—you may be able to score great deals and huge discounts if you let them know about the happy occasion.

A seaside villa, a plush city accommodation, or a countryside retreat might very well help you set the mood for your honeymoon. If you’re looking for a new or less crowded destination, there’s no shortage of postcard-perfect places outside of Phuket that offer a stunning backdrop for a romantic holiday.

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