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There‘s a wide array of things you can do in Zeah, Old School RuneScape’s arguably biggest addition. So if you’re confused about which kind of content you should prioritize, here’s a suggestion: quests. There’s nothing like the types of quests you can find in Zeah. Here, you can follow a mini-storyline that will teach you a thing or two about a particular piece of Gielinor lore, and at the same time receive rewards such as experience, items, and even OSRS gold. And if there’s just a single quest line that you should take on, it’s definitely the Return of Xeric quest series.

The Client of Kourend

The first onein the quest line, as well as the first quest you will be taking on upon landing in Zeah is The Client of Kourend. It’s also the 131st quest on Old RuneScape. Since it’s the very first quest you’ll have in Zeah, it’s basically a must-do. The good thing is that it doesn’t have any skill requirements, and only has Feather for the item requirement.

The objective of the quest is to help Veos, the portmaster of Port Sarim, take care of a mysterious client. You’ll find him in the Piscarilius House port. The quest is relatively easy and straightforward, so just follow where the quest will take you and do what it prompts you to do and you’ll finish it in no time.

The Queen of Thieves

The next quest in the series is The Queen of Thieves. While this quest’s difficulty is also Novice, just like The Client of Kourend, it requires 20 Thieving, 20% Piscarilius House Favor, and 1 Stew. Servery Stew will not work, and to make actual Stew you need 25 Cooking. In order to get 20% Piscarilius House Favor, you’ll need to repair fishing cranes, which will grant you 15% Favor, and then deliver fish for Frankie, who will grant you around 0.2% Favor for every fish that you deliver.

To start the quest, talk to Tomas Lawry, who’s outside the Piscarilius House bank, investigating certain strange happenings in the area. According to him, these occurrences are related to Saviors of Kourend, a newly formed but big gang that’s being absorbed the older ones. This gang is led by a person known as the Queen of Thieves, and it’s your task to bring her down.

The Depths of Despair–and Beyond

Another quest you can do after The Client of Kourend is The Depths of Despair. For this particular quest, you need to have 18 Agility and 20% Hosidius House Favour. To accomplish the latter, you can either cut juniper trees and put them in a charcoal machine, or gather saltpetre.

Kick off this quest by speaking to Lord KandurHosidius. You’ll find him at the house east of the Hosidius House Vinery. He’ll inform you that his eldest son, ArturHosidius, is missing, and that he’s in desperate need of your help. It’s then up to you to find his beloved son.

Tale of the Righteous

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Tale of the Righteous. In order to take on this quest, you’ll need 16 Strength, 10 Mining, and 20% Shayzien House favor. To do so, you’ll need to heal wounded soldiers, which will give you 0.1% Favor each. Once you gain 5% Favor, you can now begin killing Lizardmen for 0.1% Favor.

Start the quest by talking to PhileasRimor, who’s in his house just north of the Shayzien House. Do note that among the three, this one is the most relevant to the lore, as it’ll give you the history of Xeric, a powerful mage who used the dark arts and became the ruler of Great Kourend 1000 years ago.

It’s a good thing to explore the continent of Zeah. However, having a bit of a rough guide definitely helps. And what better guide is there to this huge land than a sprawling and exciting quest line?

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