In this article, we will present you with 5 things which are worth doing in Runescape and 5 things you should steer clear from. Some are constantly mentioned but do not get enough attention while others could be new to you and help broaden horizons in Runescape. Enjoy!


  • Read guides – guides are arguably the best way to absorb knowledge about aspects of the game. Whether it is about reaching 99 herblore or finishing up a quest, you can probably find it online, on a Wikia while others are made into videos and made available for watching on YouTube.
  • Carry out quests – quests might seem underwhelming and probably boring along with not giving out handy rewards. This is not true since quests show you a very different game than you are usually playing. Plus, you get XP rewards. Win-win!
  • Buy gold – this is arguably the easiest way to enjoy Runescape to its fullest. Online, you can buy cheap RS3 gold or OSRS gold from a lot of places. Probemas is one of these selling sites. Excellent reputation, numerous satisfied customers make sure that cheap RS3 or Old School gold is not going to disappoint.
  • Duel and PK – whether with friends or randoms, dueling in Duel Arena or PK’ing in Wildy sure is fun. This is arguably the most adrenaline-packed activity since you have to adapt and make split-second decisions because other players are also humans and try to outmaneuver you. This helps with your game-sense along with creating beautiful memories.
  • Boss fights – they test your might and preparedness. You can study their patterns and see how others defeated them online while also getting awesome loot after killing them.


  • Sharing your account info – this never works out, never. Even if you share it with a family member or a close friend, your account can get stolen. Besides, no other third-party service needs to know your password to supply you with goods or services. So stay away from that, keep your passwords safe and don’t fall into situations like these.
  • Macro’s and bots – we all know how long and tedious it can sometimes get. However, the trials and tribulations of Runescape are what make it so unique and different from other games. Macro clients might seem like an easy way out, but in the long-run, you are just risking to get banned. You probably spent many hours playing by yourself; it would be a total shame to see it all go away.
  • Wildy in low-levels – the Wilderness is the most rogue and dangerous place in the Runescape universe. Lures and hard-fought battles are always taking place while your low-level account could pose as an easy practice target for others. If you can, stay away from the Wilderness until you are strong enough to hold your ground and if you’re aching to duel, go to the Sand Casino in Al-Kharid. It’s safer and more controlled.
  • Scam other players – NEVER! As mentioned in the previous point, scamming could result in both the scammed and even your account banned. That is far from the worst case scenario which could lead you to legal trouble. Even though opportunities might seem hard to miss out, try to reach success on your own and do not rely on someone else’s credit.
  • Ignore RS3 or OSRS – some players do play only one version of the game. That’s their win and loss at the same time. While RS3 and OSRS are fundamentally a bit different, you can have a lot of fun within RS if you choose to play both versions.

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