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Why install a new generation boiler?

The performance of a boiler is determined by the proportion of heat returned compared to the energy consumed by the burner. Old boilers over 20 years old have a 75% efficiency compared to 92% for modern low temperature boilers and up to 108% for condensing boilers.

Change boiler: a gesture for the planet, a modern boiler emits 2 times less CO2 than an old boiler. Its replacement by a condensing boiler avoids the emission of 7 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent rejected by a car that rolls for 49,000 km.

The condensing boiler,

Enter the application of the renovation and the new installation.

A real equipment that no longer warms the atmosphere and keeps all its energy for the necessary heating under the control of a regulation, allowing a fuel economy, very appreciable depending on the situation.

Its double design, having already proved its worth, it offers maximum condensation, thanks to the bifferential exchange surfaces, linked to the condenser, stainless steel radial exchanger, designed in stainless steel.

No more orange-yellow flame, with the compact, blue-flame, two-stage burner that protects the environment. This set results from a silent operation, mounting on suction cup, or on chimney, with all the qualities of fuel of the market.

The products we install are state of the art equipment. For them to stay, manufacturers inform us of the evolution of technologies and provide us with regular training.

So that we can make the most accurate diagnoses possible and proceed to the installations best suited to the configuration of the habitat concerned.

The evolving nature of our business, the needs that you manifest and to which we must answer, make that today, we do not install heating at your place, we install it with you!

The gas condensing boiler: what is it?

The condensing boiler can be considered as the evolution of the traditional gas boiler.

Technologically more elaborate, the condensing boiler is more attractive because it consists of the condensation of water vapor and exhaust gases. The benefits are important: the heat from the condensation is recovered instead of being dispersed and wasted.

They promise better energy efficiency than conventional gas boilers.

Gas condensing boilers are able to provide enough heat for a home heating system while operating at low temperatures.

While condensation can be harmful for traditional boiler heat exchangers, the condensing boiler heat exchangers are designed to not be damaged by the condensation process.

The condensing boiler: how does it work?

With condensing boilers, heat is produced by burning natural gas or propane. The term “condensation” refers to the fact that these boilers are able to extract the heat from the combustion process so efficiently that the gases leaving the boiler remain at a much lower temperature than in a conventional boiler.

Once the gas is burned in the firebox, it enters the flues, collecting heat to transfer it to the water inside the heat exchanger.

Condensing boiler: what are the advantages?

If the gas condensing boiler is far from the most economical or environmentally friendly, especially compared to the wood pellet boiler, it has several advantages over a conventional gas boiler or an oil boiler.

Conventional gas boilers and low-temperature boilers are bound to disappear, the gas condensing boiler becomes the reference.

Environmentally friendly: Condensing boilers emit much less carbon dioxide than traditional gas boilers and are therefore more environmentally friendly.

It turns out that a condensing boiler can potentially save up to 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide a year, which would otherwise be dispersed into the atmosphere.

Energy efficiency: gas-fired boilers are about 15 to 30% more energy efficient than conventional boilers and, as we mentioned earlier, they can achieve efficiencies of up to 90, see 110%.

Economical: The higher the efficiency, the lower the fuel bills. In fact, gas condensing boilers need to burn a lot less fuel to extract the same amount of energy needed to heat the house.

Thanks to this, the investment can be quickly made profitable. You can get a lot more energy without paying that much and enjoy instantly.

Convenient: Condensing boilers are often compact units, which means they do not take up too much space.

The condensing boiler: what are the disadvantages?

Connection to the wastewater network: the condensing boiler discharges an average of 10 liters of water per day. A connection to the wastewater network of the municipality is therefore essential.

Gas is a fossil fuel: gas is a fossil fuel extracted from natural deposits, which means that exploitation is not unlimited.

The price of the condensing gas heater is high compared to the conventional gas boiler. It is necessary to count a budget ranging from € 3,200 to € 8,000.

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