Making money from marijuana is not the exclusive business of drug dealers. Although, in general, their sales and ownership remain illegal, more and more countries are allowed to use it for chronic patients with diseases such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy.

All of this moves the small but growing industry of marijuana for therapeutic purposes estimated at 1,700,000 dollars. Making use of the medicinal properties of marijuana can be a profitable and legal business in our country soon.

The core of this business lies in organic farming and marijuana stocks, because not only cannabis is sold, but also seeds, natural fertilizers, or fertilizers. This business is entirely legal, because the law only requires that everything you sell is for your own consumption.

Part of the success of this establishment is because of the efficacy of healing famous cannabis. Ordinary customers from these stores are usually cancer sufferers, with chemotherapy treatments or suffering from diseases such as fibromyalgia, sclerosis or glaucoma, finding this product helps with chronic pain or side effects from some treatments.

World investment in the marijuana industry exceeded 13.85 billion dollars in 2018, compared with around 3.5 billion in 2017. Beyond that figure, companies related to marijuana have been listed on larger stock exchanges, for example, American producer Cronos and Biotech GW Pharmaceuticals based on cannabis.

In addition, traditional American companies also enter joint casinos: Coca-Cola, which has sold the world’s best-selling product for 132 years, has announced that it wants to launch a new marijuana-based beverage. To avoid losing trains, tobacco company Philip Morris has fully entered the marijuana business in the United States: in 2018 they bought 45% of Cronos for 1,600 million dollars.

But how can I make money from CBD business?


It is called CBD and is a compound of marijuana that, isolated, produces the sensation of relaxation and calm of cannabis without the adverse effects such as dizziness or, basically, numbness. This compound, therefore, allows us to comply with our work or carry out actions such as driving vehicles with total solvency. In this way, cannabis users can have some of the effects produced by the substance leaving aside the most disabling.

In particular, CBD (cannabidol), allows slightly altering the conscience, improving the mood slightly, causes relaxation and, paradoxically, increases alertness. However, the substance does not promise to ‘place’ in the same way it produces, for example, a marijuana cigarette.

Cannabidol constitutes 40% of the components of the plant, and has a fundamental difference with tetrahydrocannabidol, THC: it has no psychoactive effects nor does it give rise to cannabis drunkenness.

In this case, the absence of THC avoids feelings of euphoria, dizziness, voracious hunger and lethargy.

Some experts say that CBD, on the other hand, has an effect in stabilizing mood, antipsychotic and reducing muscle pain. Its sale and distribution is legal and is traditionally done through the internet. The usual form of presentation is in capsules and pills. And it’s not cheap: at a rate of 45 dollars per unit. A good news for anyone having tons of weed stock!

It can be used at work, although it is recommended for those who come to their position daily before a computer, in a chair and a table. In a different case, if you are a construction worker, it is recommended that you take it after working hours. For security.

If you want to earn money from a CBD business, unless you are a producer of CBD products, you can take part in various affiliate programs organized by several well-known CBD companies / producers. It is highly recommended that you visit sites that provide related information such as The CBD market is wide open and booming.

Make sure you become a part of it and get the financial benefits that you desire.

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