Your alarm clock is beginning to ring at your bedside, so you set it on snooze to extend a little more sleep. And there goes the alarm again and pushes you to get up, leave, and enter the gym. You’ll get on the treadmill, set your timer to 25 minutes, and enjoy your cardio workout.

Following a quick shower, you’ll make your way to the kitchen, and enjoy your boiled egg with a cup of coffee. You go to work and call an Uber. It coincides with another countdown, asking you how long the driver would take to meet you. 

Before your trip begins, the device shows you the average period it takes to get to your destination. So you see why our lives are influenced by various timers in one direction or another. Sadly, the same thing is not going on while we’re at work. 

That’s why we’re struggling to meet our efficiency targets. Why not use the same timer strategy at work and increase your productivity? Throughout this post, you’ll hear about six aspects that setting a timer will improve your efficiency.

1. Maintains your Commitment

Staying dedicated to a single mission seems impossible, particularly when you’re in the habit of juggling several balls at once. Setting a timer like Tomato Timer holds you dedicated to a particular mission and doesn’t let your concentration and energy slip away. 

It keeps your focus since it only allows you a 5-10 minute break maximum and reminds you to get back at your work. As an outcome, you can finish the job even quicker. Using this feature of Tomato Timer can be useful for vital activities that need your full attention. 

And if you don’t like the job you’re doing, setting the timer to 25 minutes will minimize the odds of switching to new activities until the present one is completed. This degree of dedication brings out the best in workers and makes you do more with less time.

2. Stays You Away from Distractions

Emails, chatting co-workers, social networking sites, telephone conversations, alerts, web surfing, and other distractions will throw you off your goal. Such disruptions are the greatest efficiency killers at work, putting a massive tooth in your efficiency. 

You will hold all these triggers at bay by setting the Tomato Timer. When the clock starts running, you’re less inclined to dwell on these obstacles and more likely to remain laser-focused on the job at hand. Besides, you should also manage the temptation to search your social networking pages and stop spending time on such disturbances.

3. No to Multitasking

We’re all guilty of multitasking. If it is the essence of the job that drives one into multitasking or the relentless desire to outshine our colleagues, the effect remains the same, lower efficiency. Yeah, you’ve read that correctly. It’s one of the things you’re expected to avoid doing if you want to be successful, according to theory. 

Stanford University’s work demonstrates that multitasking will reduce productivity and performance. That’s not everything, research at the University of London has presented that multitasking will harm your brain and lower your IQ.

The brain is not programmed to shift between duties, and it requires a long time to move concentration from one job to another. Grab your Tomato Timer and set it. By doing that, you’re concentrating on one item at a time. This helps you to establish a special concentration that enables you to accomplish your target and keep your mind from fading.

4. Keeps your Discipline

With too many activities to be done every day, we seek to adopt Mark Zuckerberg’s “run quickly and smash things” strategy, which can succeed in certain situations but not every time. 

One specific drawback of this strategy is that you wind up making a lot of chaos, and all that chaos will impede your effectiveness over time. You’re going to have a hard time locating things because of the disaster you’ve made. That would result in a lot of energy, so you could wind up losing out your everyday efficiency targets. 

That’s why it’s essential to add consistency to your workday, and setting productivity timers (like Tomato Timer) is a perfect way to do it. The Tomato Timer’s feature lets you select between a short break or a long break so that you can get back on your tasks and keep on schedule.

5. Build Momentum

There are occasions in which you are not able to deliver your 100%. It typically occurs while you’re focused on an unattractive or complicated mission. A timer, specifically Tomato Timer, offers a great way to release the aggression and get it out of the way in tinier bursts. 

It lets you build momentum, which would enable you to comfortably accomplish complex tasks. If you’ve reached your speed, you’ll be able to finish tasks even quicker and accomplish more with fewer resources.

6. You Can Appreciate Your Breaks More

You’re tired, and you want some break. Take a rest, but make sure you set the Tomato Timer to 25 minutes. It stops the breaks from lasting too far. Tomato Timer is for productivity because its most extended duration is up to 25 minutes only. It wants the user to not enjoy longer breaks and be more productive. 

On the other side, once you realize that you have a limited time only to appreciate, you will manage the break period more wisely. As a result, you’re beginning to enjoy every minute of your break and use it on productive things.


Much as your personal life, setting a timer will even come in handy in your work life. A timer like Tomato Timer This will help you increase overall efficiency by making you remain centered and attentive on essential tasks at hand. 

Setting a timer also can avoid obstacles and encourages you to accomplish something in less time. It will make your breaks more enjoyable and help you keep focused while retaining discipline.

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