Orgasm For Your Partner

Ladies! This one is for you. Wondered how to pleasure a man so that he can orgasm every time he is with you? Not necessarily by penetrative sex but by other sex acts? An orgasm is the peak of sexual excitement, a strong pleasurable feeling and a discharge of erotic tension. Orgasms are beneficial for the body as the chemicals released from the process are feeling good and make people feel happier. Orgasms can occur outside of sexual stimulation as well. Desire and excitement finally lead to orgasms. However, have you ever thought about orgasm for your partner?

A man needs genital stimulation – psychologically or physically and then he gets an erection. His penis will tighten and his breathing will increase. Men have erotic spots as well. The tissue on the frenulum, prostate gland and perineum are most pleasurable points for men. Once aroused. Ejaculation will happen for most men.

Women can educate themselves about male arousal and orgasm to get their man to the peak. Physical affection and touching is the first point of getting your man aroused and then to orgasm. The question is how to get the man aroused?

There are various ways for this. Some prefer vanilla sex, some like oral and some like kink in sexual activities. Many couples try out various forms of sexual activities so they can feel aroused. BDSM and virtual sex are a few ways people can get aroused. In BDSM pleasure and pain form a part of the act. There is a dominant and submissive. Many times men take on the role of the dominant and bring women to orgasm. But there are also instances of female domination also known as dominatrix where the woman is the dominant. She holds the strings to a man’s pleasure in her hands. In such a case she needs to be aware of how to pleasure a man.

Fetish love is something that can excite men, just like it does for a woman. A woman tying up a man and pleasuring him with her hands and other devices can bring him to the edge. Touch is often important or words. Women can use words to arouse a man. Touching a man’s buttocks, anus or penis is the beginning of the arousal process. Men also like to be touched on the chest, nipples and the scrotum. That is why some acts in BDSM focuses on these organs. They are pinched, or held tightly to get the man at the point of pleasure.

Dirty and filthy words along with physical touch can push a man over the orgasmic edge. If you do the role of a dominatrix, then touching the sensual areas of a man with hands or devices such as whips get the stated on the oath to an amazing orgasm. Tying your man up and then stimulating his sexual organs is highly erotic to some. Being a dominatrix can give more control and power to a woman and many love that. That means that they can get pleasure as well as give pleasure to their partners.

All you need to do is be ready and open to experiment and learn your man’s body, so you can satisfy and pleasure him. Most importantly, next time you get into sex, also think about orgasm for your partner.

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