Saturday is the night for boxing, February 24th was no different. In the first fight of the night, IBF flyweight champion, Donnie Nietes (41-1-4 23 KO) would clash with the Argentine Juan Carlos Reveco (39-4, 19 KO).

Reveco would start slow in the fight trying to find his shot. It was almost as if he was scared he’d get countered by Nietes, or just was afraid to miss. Not only was Reveco not throwing, but Nietes was landing his shots. On my scorecard, Nietes had a 2-0 advantage.

Going into the third round the crowd was not entertained, boos heard throughout the crowd.

Reveco turned it up a bit, found himself winning the third round on my card. He was successful with his left hook throughout the third, especially to the body. The crowd would get into it, thinking the tide may turn. Reveco made the fight entertaining in that round.

Nietes attempted to put on a master class, the professor was successful. Rounds four through six, Nietes would hit and not move much. His movements were so small, subtle, perfect in technique. Putting on a display of masterful footwork. Come in six inches, Nietes will move back eight.

No longer hitting at will, Nietes was not getting hit though. At this point in the fight, have it 5-1 Nietes.

At the end of the sixth round, right at the bell, Nietes seemed to land something that left Reveco stunned. On replay, Nietes appeared to land a solid right hand. Reveco would stumble over to his corner from the punch. Reveco and his corner would argue the punch was illegal, landed after the bell.

The official was not having it and both fighters would come out for the seventh.

With seemingly no legs under him, Reveco would try to run away from Nietes. While trying to get his legs under him, Nietes hits him with four punches to the body, shot to the head, down goes Reveco. At eight, Reveco returned to his feet. “Walk to me” uttered the official, to no movement by, Reveco. With 53 seconds into the round, fight was ended.

Nietes, getting up in age, is not regressing much. The veteran has not lost a fight in a little over thirteen years. Don’t see him hanging it up anytime soon, love watching him fight.

Official end:

Nietes TKO 0:53 into seventh round

Compubox stats:

Total: 100/407 25%
Power: 77/258 30%

Total: 40/318 13%
Power: 36/195 18%

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