Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has accused Golden State Warriors center Zaza Pachulia of being dirty.

The incident in question refutes his take in which he says “obviously it was intentional. Nobody touched him, he fell over my leg. He tried to hurt me. But hey, that’s how it goes.” Westbrook claims no one touched Pachulia. Teammate Paul George has also made a similar statement.

Here’s the video.


Kryie Irving also made his opinion heard on Pachulia.


There have been calls for Pachulia to get suspended for his actions or at least for the NBA to investigate. At first glance it does seem like an intentional act and the reactions from Westbrook and George are justifiable.

After watching the replay multiple times though it refutes the claim that nobody touched Pachulia. It’s clear that Nick Young hooks his leg which causes the not so graceful center to fall on the legs of Westbrook. It doesn’t show any appearance of being malicious.

The Warriors center had this to say.


Westbrook and Pachulia do have a history and this only adds more fuel to the rivalry between the two franchises. As for the NBA there’s nothing to investigate and no discipline is necessary.

The Thunder also didn’t have a good night either on the court losing by 32 with both Westbrook and George struggling to shoot  the basketball going a combined 5-29 from the floor and 2-14 from the three point line.

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