Mikey Garcia (38-0, 30 KO) looking for his fourth division title Saturday night when taking on IBF World Super Lightweight champions Sergey Lipinets (13-1, 10 KO).

The beginning of the fight both men were cautious. Feeling out process applied to both fighters and had fans waiting almost two minutes for a landed shot. Garcia would be the first off every time trying to develop his jab. As normal for Garcia he’d use the jab all night effectively. Within the first two rounds that punch will find him leading early.

Lipinets turned on in the third timing Garcia pretty well and probably winning the round while doing it. Looking impressive in that round, Mikey will flip the script.

Samurai (Lipinets alias) would then find himself losing the fourth and fifth. Regularly scheduled programming for Garcia with his ring generalship, footwork, IQ will see him taking the fight over. Countering well and leaving the perfect distance Garcia took great advantage of his opponent.

Waking up, Lipinets tried to slow Garcia down. Relatively good body work for Samurai in this round. This fight became close, but still had a good feeling Garcia was in control.

My scorecard had it 4-2 (58-56) for Garcia midway through the 12 round title fight.

The second half of the fight opened up with a huge seventh round for Garcia. Midway through the round, Garcia would drop Lipinets. This would be the first time Lipinets hit the canvas in his young career. In Boxing you deduct a point from the guy who has been knocked down, so Garcia had himself a two point win in the round.

Soon as it looked like Garcia may put him away he went to his jab. Back to boxing smart and winning rounds. This was the story of the eighth to eleventh round. With this said, I scored the ninth round 10-10, was that close.

My scorecard seen Garcia with a 108-101 advantage at this point. Lipinets trainer will tell him he needs a knockout to win the fight going into the twelfth round.

Lipinets listening to the instructions coming out aggressive, as if he needed the knockout. Garcia took some chances, but not much for a win in the round.

This better than expected fight, Garcia took the win for me, 117-111.

Winning is what he did, but I certainly don’t see him getting a title at the welterweight division at this point. Super lightweight is one of the weaker divisions, if not the weakest. Going back down would be great to see him in the ring against Lomachenko, but that has not crossed his mind saying he wants to go up to welterweight in post-fight interview.

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Unanimous Decision win for Garcia

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