Talented young Mexican, Oscar Valdez (24-0, 19 KO) found himself facing Englishman, Scott Quigg (34-2-2, 25 KO).

Quigg weighed in at 128.8 pounds, which is 2.8 pounds heavier than that of the featherweight limit. Since he came in overweight, he will not be able to win the title, but the fight went on.

Valdez off to a quick start and assault to the body in the first two rounds. The way he throws his punches there’s so much pop in each and every one. These punches were definitely meant to serve as help in the later rounds.

Knowing Valdez usually slows down around the middle of the fight it is key for Quigg to get some body work in himself before that. Third and fourth were just the first two for Valdez, but for Quigg. Body assault to help out for the middle rounds.

In the middle rounds Valdez would fade a bit. Quigg took over and was just the much bigger fighter in there. Hurting Valdez in the sixth and causing him to hold on for the remaining of the round. Valdez would get through, but not in the best shape.

My scorecard saw Quigg off to a 4-2 (58-56) lead at the halfway mark.

Valdez would pick up a second wind. Came out firing and boxing well. The one thing Valdez did that was surprising was finding a distance that worked for him. This only happened throughout the seventh.

The eighth would be much different as Quigg found a way to land on Valdez. Both guys finding success in a bloody fight, but Quigg would get the better of him in this round.

The rest of the way I scored the fight for Valdez. He went back to doing what he did in the seventh round that made him so successful. Boxing well and doing what is necessary to win a boxing match.

Think Valdez really settled in when he knew he couldn’t knock Quigg out and he had to box. When he did, he did so effectively. Every round he boxed instead of brawled, he won and every time he brawled, he lost the round.

My scorecard had it at 7-5 (115-113) Valdez win.

Official Scores:




Unanimous Decision Valdez

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