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Boxing: Michael Conlan Shines In Debut


March 17, 2017

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The start of Michael Conlan’s career was like a fairy tale. It was St Patrick’s Day, and from the start, the Northern Ireland-born 25 year old did not disappoint. With the biggest Irish superstar, Conor McGregor, beside him, Michael Conlan shocked everyone by going to the ring from the back door of the Madison Square Garden Theater. Then he proceeded to walk through the raucous Irish crowd. It was probably the loudest that the Theater has heard in a while.


With all of this now done, it was time for Michael Conlan to put on a show and that he did. Conlan from the opening bell was the aggressor. There wasn’t too much defense in this one and both guys let their lands go. Conlan did take some hits, but he delivered more punishment than he took. Conlan worked the body relentlessly in the 3rd round. He wore down Ibarra and when Conlan smelled blood he went for it. Conlan pummeled Ibarra as he was against the ropes till the ref stepped in to stop it. Michael Conlan wins by 3rd round stoppage over Tim Ibarra.

Some can say that this was a cherry picked 1st opponent, and even if that is true, this was Conlan’s debut and though he may have seemed a big wild and showed a lack of defense, this was a showcase for what Top Rank thinks will be their next superstar.

It was an exciting debut for Conlan and the way he dominated and fought will bring him far in the sport. When you combine the charisma, the boxing skill, and a huge following, you can become a star very fast. Top Rank obviously is going to be giving a huge push to Conlan and things just seemed to fall into place tonight. It’s just the start, but Michael Conlan definitely got off on the right foot. Now, what’s next for the newest rising Irish Superstar? You got to stay tuned to find out.

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