Facing a lot of adversity Milwaukee boxer, Javonte Powell (2-2, 2 KO) let’s me know his past is unlike his future.

Here goes my interview with Powell.

Q: Coming up from the amateurs to the professional ranks, what was the hardest transition?

A: There was no difficulty coming from the amateurs to the pros for me and my camp. My team has been training me for the pros since I was 16. Amateur fighters were taught bullshit things, like: not turning your punches over, they didn’t count body punches, the rounds were shorter, so they’d come out with wild punches and doing everything they can to finish you out in the 1st round. I wasn’t taught that. My team and I were moving differently. Our fight style was completely different. Yeah we won 90% of our fights, but we were also ducked in the amateurs.

Q: Would you advise young amateur fighters to wait to move to the professional ranks?

A: I don’t know, it all depends on the fighters. I think just having experience and being comfortable in the ring is more important. Canelo didn’t have hundreds of amateur fights, but look where he’s at in the sport, top two and only in his mid 20’s. So it all depends on the fighter and what he’s being taught in camp.

Q: After your first two fights didn’t go the way you’d like them to, what was your mindset like?

A: I was young, trying to figure shit out. I wasn’t focused and had too many distractions. First, the promoters were on bullshit with me and my team, not giving us a hotel or anything. I lost 13 pounds for the fight, drove about 20 hours both ways, hungry, dehydrated and not being able to rest for that one. The odds were against us, but whatever. I don’t cry over spilled milk. The second one (fight) shouldn’t have happened, period.

Q: Last fight was in June of 2015… why the long layoff?

A: Reason for the hiatus, um, I just needed to focus on things outside of boxing. I’ve been busy with some real estate investments and other business ventures that I’m working on. My goal is to make $1 million by the age of 25 and that’s what I’ve been working on. With or without boxing, but I’m getting it for sure.

Q: When do you plan on getting back into the ring?

A: I’m getting back very soon! Very, very, very, very soon. Thinking Fall/Winter 2018.

Q: When you do get in the ring, what’s your biggest motivation to do what you do?

A: I just want to be great. Coming from where I come from, I just want to be an example, living proof that you can actually be somebody and become bigger that the adversity you’ve gone through coming from the bottom. I believe in black excellence, we are all kings and queens, we just have to work hard and believe it.

Powell detailed he should be in the ring this fall or winter. With his head on right and a good camp, this 22-year-old prospect is very good. With the adversity out of the way, Powell will be very difficult to compete with for years to come.

Stay tuned for news about Powell to come and fight announcements. Plus coverage of his fights in the future.

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