Rances Barthelemy (26-1, 13 KO) trying to make history met Kiryl Relikh (22-2, 19 KO) Saturday night.

This undercard fight made way for potential history. If Barthelemy wins, he becomes first Cuban to be a three division world champion. As the fight went on, it was evident history won’t be made.

Relikh starts the fight more active than Barthelemy in a feeling out first round. Little did anyone know at this time this set the tempo for the rest of the fight.

In the second round Relikh became more accurate in his attack. Practically hitting Barthelemy with almost everything delivered.

Barthelemy switched back and forth between orthodox and southpaw. He even fought straight up at some points with no real stance. Nothing worked to stop the success Relikh found himself having.

The fourth and the fifth were exactly the same. Barthelemy stands with his guard up doing nothing while Relikh just punches his way through the guard.

Rough to watch, but roughing up in the ring too. Relikh threw Barthelemy down when Barthelemy did his best to hold on to him.

Midway through the fight, had it 6-0 (60-54) in favor of Relikh.

For four rounds straight Barthelemy had what looked like his best rounds. The only problem is Relikh was still better. In the seventh Barthelemy hit him with what was the second low blow of the fight. Barthelemy already been warned had a point taken. Relikh a two point win in this round.

The next three Barthelemy upped his output, but was still afraid in exchanging punches. No matter what he did, nothing worked. Well except Relikh who outworked him through these rounds.

Championship rounds can give anyone a sense of who is losing the fight by a lot, if that’s the case. Most guys that find themselves down a lot will go all out in hopes of a knockout. If you watched this fight, you’d think Barthelemy was winning and Relikh was desperate for a knockout.

Very embarrassing performance from an almost six foot super lightweight. Maybe a possible fight between Relikh and Garcia in the future.

My scorecard had it 120-107 Relikh!

Official Scores:




Unanimous Decision Relikh

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