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If You Want To Protect Your Online Privacy, Get A VPN!

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Data hacking, spies, eavesdropping and intruding someone’s personal data are some of the major threats that give an internet user become worried about the privacy on the web.  Among them, there are law enforcement people, public search engines, government agencies and other Internet service providers.

While all of them might gain access to private data, with most of them having gain from gathering and distributing information more widely,  how will you protect your data?

Through VPN! A VPN, Virtual Private Network is an encrypted network that guarantees data security and customer privacy.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a private and controlled network that simply connects you to the internet. With this, your connection with the VPN server is safe and encrypted, and if you browse the wider internet using this secure network, nobody will be able to eavesdrop on what you are sharing.

The best VPN services will create a private and encrypted connection to the public network to send and receive data safely. This typemd of encryption is important for public networks like restaurants, airports, coffee shops and other where most of the theft happens.

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Perception Vs Reality of VPN

In a survey taken, an alarming number of users think that they are doing safe browsing and their data on the internet is perfectly secure. In fact, the stats indicate that over 61% of people think that their personal data is safe and secure. With over 21% of users don’t know whether they are secure or not.

However, on the contrary, 18% of internet users believe that their data is insecure online. Amidst them, the identity theft, frauds are the most common with credit card frauds rising up to 41% — further, the bank frauds and social media frauds making up to 14 and 29% respectively.


How A VPN Can Help You Maintain Online Privacy:

The VPN will help in securing your online identity and location: A VPN is a private network that can easily operate within the larger and public networks. It is created virtually by wrapping every packet of data in an envelope which contains metadata and header.

Encapsulation, the process of wrapping packets, will not only helps in masking your identity, but also helps in concealing the information in it. Further, the information present in the VPN connection stems from these servers, thereby keeping your actual location hidden.

In Securing Browsing Activity:

With different websites insisting on dropping cookies in the cache, private browsing has become more challenging. While it is claimed that the anti-tracking software will protect your data, they still remain intrusive.

Moreover, if you are not diligent about removing cache or deleting cookies, or enabling ad blocker, you can put your identity at risk being more vulnerable to being tracked, traced or identified. Nevertheless, the VPN will protect your data and will help you protect your identity and location.

A VPN Will Protect Your IP Address:

A virtual private network will monitor what you are doing online trading openly in personal or corporate data. Any IP address online will be those of a VPN server with the data present on the private network encrypted completely.

Uses Of VPN:

Apart from just offering tight security and internet access, a virtual private network can be used for various other purposes. Some of the common uses are:

  • It Let You Watch The Geo-Restricted Content:  A lot of content is limited or blocked depending on the location where you are in the world. However, a VPN will let you browse with ease.
  • It Let You Access Blocked Websites With Ease:  A VPN will let you access restricted or blocked websites with ease.
  • Help You Browse Netflix Content:  A VPN will help you access all the entertainment sites that are restricted at the browser.

VPNs extend the reach of the wired networks without requiring owned or private lines. Use them and have safe browsing!

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