According to the 2021 “Consumer-recommended Brand” survey organized by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC), Seragem was ranked No. 1 in the household appliance category.

Seragem is a global home healthcare company and has been continuously introducing differentiated home healthcare products through steady research and development for more than 20 years. Its flagship products, spinal 건마 medical appliances, have been recognized for their medical efficacy through approval from trusted global institutions such as the U.S. FDA, Europe’s CE, China’s CFDA and the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Currently, it has more than 2,500 global networks in more than 70 foreign countries and is expanding its influence in the global home healthcare market.

The Master (MASTER) series, Ceragem’s flagship product, is a spinal medical appliance that has been recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the U.S. FDA for its effectiveness in relieving muscle pain. It has built differentiated competitiveness through continuous clinical research and patent technology development, and has developed into a smart home medical appliance by adding various latest technologies over the years. The latest version of “Master V4″ is a product that enhances massage and acupressure effects by providing up to 65°C concentrated heat to the spinal area, and offers 17 massage programs, including ” Master Mode,” which allows users to receive a customized massage if they choose the desired spinal region.

In particular, it has recently diversified its business by expanding its scope to a variety of products such as rest appliances, clean appliances, and nutrition management programs, and launching home care services. Massage chair pouch is a rest appliance with stylish, compact design and excellent massage function. The clean home appliance Cerabot is the first wet mop robot cleaner in Korea that combines safe sterilization water with three close mops. In June this year, we launched ‘Ceracheck DNA’, a health measurement and analysis program through genetic testing.

In addition, Serazem is also making efforts to build a consumer-centered service system. It operates ‘Serazem Well Cafe’, a Cerazem brand experience space, so that customers can experience Cerazem products directly. In addition, a health curator (HC), Seragem’s health expert, runs a Sera Care Service”that visits customers’ homes and guides them on how to use products and helps customers check their health through health measuring devices.”.

Meanwhile, the “consumer’s most recommended brand”evaluates brand competitiveness from the perspective of “recommendation” and measures “consumer’s brand recommendation level” for products, services and companies that represent Korea’s consumer life. KMAC has been leading the way in measuring and analyzing data related to brand recommendation in Korea since 2008.

This year’s Brands Most Recommended by Consumers”survey was based on a one-on-one interview survey of 11,900 men and women in their teens and 50s living in Seoul and six major metropolitan cities on a total of 77 industries (19 consumer goods, 20 durable goods and 38 service goods) where consumers are actively recommended for brands.”. Also, social analysis was conducted on the top 4 brands by industry, and through search terms and language settings, we aggregated data on social media excluding advertising posts.


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