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Breaking Bad: Could The Hit Show Follow in The Steps of Prison Break?


February 19, 2017

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There are always going to be those hit television shows that fans hate to see end. The Sopranos is one that always comes to mind, with its ending that left fans asking for more. Dexter is another that ended in controversial fashion, leaving fans wanting a comeback. The same will likely be happen when shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead finally reach their conclusions.

There is a hit show that is, in fact, making that sort of comeback later on this year. It is a show that ended back in 2009 with the presumed death of fan-favorite, Michael Schofield. But guess what folks, Michael is back! Fans of the show obviously know what I am talking about, as Prison Break is set to return on April 4th, 2017.

With Michael, Sara and Lincoln set to make a comeback after an eight-year hiatus, despite Michael being presumed dead, it begs the question, are there any other hit shows that could follow in their footsteps?


Well, one show just so happens to come to mind! That show: Breaking Bad. The show already has a spinoff that airs in the form of Better Call Saul. While talking about that show, it just so happens that Bryan Cranston, who brought the infamous Walter White to life, is open to returning for an appearance on that very show. So if Cranston is willing to bring Mr. White back to life, could the door be open for a Breaking Bad part two, following what is currently a four-year break?

Now, I know many people will point to how the series concluded and say a comeback is not possible. But I do have two counter points to that argument. First, this is television. They can spin things any way they want to make something happen. Just look at Prison Break. Fans of the show would have never thought they would see the Scofield/Burrows combo ever again based on the ending of the last episode.

Point two, Cranston himself has always been willing to leave the door open for a return. The infamous “Never say never” was said a few years back by the actor. Cranston even made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live a few months back in character, which you can watch below.

Bottomline, I do not want to hear that a comeback will not happen because of how the show ended. The real question is, do fans want more Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? Plus, would Aaron Paul be on board with a return as much as Cranston is? You cannot have the show air without Pinkman.

Back to the fan part of that question. Some fans were happy with the conclusion of the show’s run. So that pocket of fans may feel more is simply unnecessary. Would more storyline just diminish what fans have already watched?

But then there will be the fans that would say more is always better.  If you enjoyed the show, you would almost certainly tune in if it came back with new episodes. That would obviously be a money-maker for those involved in the making of the show.

When all of this is put together, I think the answer will ultimately be impacted by the success of Prison Break‘s return to the small screen. If that fails, either in the ratings or critically, then our chances of ever seeing more of Walter White will be limited to a cameo on Better Call Saul if anything.

But if Fox has a hit on its hands, then the door for everyone’s favorite meth makers will certainly open up a little wider. It is by no means a given if Michael and Lincoln have success, but I do certainly think there will be some impact.

So what are your thoughts? If you were a fan of the show, would you want to see it come back to tv? If so, do you think it could actually happen? Tell us in the comments!

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