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Breaking Bad vs Dexter: Which Show Should Make a Comeback?

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Some shows can tell a totally different story, but still have a number of parallels. As a result, fans can be drawn to these different shows despite their difference. The key thing that makes the parallels so strong comes in the form of a central character.

Two shows and two characters immediately come to mind when it comes to this type of discussion. Those shows are Breaking Bad and Dexter. The characters, Walter White and Dexter Morgan. If you have only seen one of the two shows, but not the other, I highly recommend checking out the other.

Both men play the primary “good guy” on their show. It does not take long for fans to get behind them, pulling for them to succeed. However, both men have a serious dark side.

Fans feel sympathy for Walter, as he is dying from cancer. When he starts his crusade of cooking meth, it is all done for the benefit of his family. But he quickly takes a trip to the dark side, as he becomes obsessed with money and the thrill of breaking the law. Murder becomes second nature to him. But the entire time, fans still stick by his side.

As for Dexter, he is your prototypical vigilante. While he does kill people. he only does so if they have committed a horrific crime of their own. He is essentially “taking out the trash”. This does not change the fact that Dexter enjoys the kill. Despite the fact that he murders more people than anyone on Game of Thrones, fans can get behind his cause, still viewing him as a hero.

Unfortunately, both of these shows have come to their end. Breaking Bad reached its end back in 2013 after five seasons, while Dexter finished its eight-year run in the same year. So with two hit shows that had large followings now being off the air for about four years, it is time to pose the question: Which would you rather see make a comeback?

Between the two shows, one of these main characters ended up dead. The other one, somehow survived, although in controversial fashion. As a result, he is now living the life of a lumberjack. Despite that, a very crucial character in that character’s life bit the bullet.

With Prison Break back on the air after about eight years away, it is fun to guess what popular show could be next. There have been rumblings in the past about both of these shows. So given their similarities, I thought it would be a fun question to pose involving the two.

Now neither show is necessarily close to a comeback, but to answer this question, we need to see what things would look like if a return did happen.

For Dexter, Deb would be a goner. There simply is no logical way to resurrect her given how she died at the end of the last season. Dexter is off living a new life, looking to stay away from his old ways. So without Deb and the fact that the change in setting could result in several key characters missing, a Dexter return would likely take on a totally new path entirely.

I could see Deb coming back along the lines of how Harry showed up in the original series. But what about everyone else? Would they move to the Northwest into lumberjack country? Or would Dexter venture back to South Beach for some reason? There are just a lot of questions that could end with answers that get scrutinized.

As for Breaking Bad, they would need to go the Prison Break route. What I mean by that is Walter would need to come back from the dead, just like Michael. Now obviously. Michael was never actually dead. So the same would have to be true for Walt.

So could his body have been recovered by someone other than law enforcement and nursed back to health? Is that too far fetched? Possibly. But I still think there is potential for storyline growth there. Walt’s story lasted three fewer seasons than Dexter’s. So while Dexter’s grew stale in the last few years, Mr. White’s ended at its peak.

So as a result, I would feel there are more fresh storylines that can be brought to the table for Breaking Bad. So as much as I would love to see Dex make a comeback, Walter and Pinkman would be my choice if either show gets a revival.

What are your thoughts? Which show would you rather see back on your television? Tell us in the comments!

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