BREAKING: Bryce Harper, of the Washington Nationals, has been reportedly suspended for four games. The same report also indicates that he will be fined. This suspension is the result of a physical altercation that took place between him, and San Francisco Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland. The incident occurred during a game yesterday. During the eighth inning, Strickland hit Harper with a pitch and then chaos ensured. Harper charged the mound, batting helmet in hand. Harper attempted to throw his helmet at Strickland, but missed by what seemed to be a mile.

The fight can be seen below:

The incident seems to have carried over from a 2014 beef between these two Major League Baseball players. In the 2014 NLCS, Harper hit two home runs off of Strickland. Yesterday’s matchup was the first time these two have met since then. Rumors indicate that Strickland threw at Harper intentionally, as “payback” for the two longballs back in 2014.

The brawl has had social media buzzing. Opinions on the incident are circulating both ways. Some seem to defend Strickland, and his “unwritten rule” of being allowed to throw at Harper. Others are backing Harper, even in the case that he used his helmet as a weapon. Giants catcher Buster Posey is even catching a little heat, for not getting between his pitcher and an assailant quickly enough.

Accordingly, Strickland has also been suspended and fined, for his role in the fight. Strickland’s suspension is being reported as six games.

At this time, both players are electing to appeal their suspensions, which will leave them eligible to play at this time.

No matter what side you take, Major League Baseball has made their ruling. The league officials have made it clear that this kind of violence will not be tolerated. Any brawls like this will come with consequences.

Bryce Harper is up for an MVP bid, even though it is still early in the season. Will this effect his chances in any way? Comment your thoughts below.

As the story develops, and more information on the appeals process becomes available, The Inscriber will keep you up to date. Stay tuned for more information.

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