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Brock Lesnar and UFC Are Greatly Benefited By UFC 200 Fight

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Dana White scored an enormous addition to his stacked UFC 200 card with the addition of Brock Lesnar.

The decision to bring Lesnar back was one of pure genius. He’s one of the companies biggest draws, and that means big business for the UFC.

Despite what some may say, Lesnar is one of the most dominant fighters in the sports history.

Lesnar’s first stint in the UFC proved he was much more than a publicity stunt. He went 5-3 during his run with the company, one that included him capturing the UFC Heavyweight Title.

Despite his dominance, Lesnar was never able to reach his full potential in the UFC. He suffered from diverticulitis, which prohibited him from competing at his highest level. Lesnar’s last few fights didn’t show that same killer instinct many were used to seeing from him.

Lesnar left the UFC after his battle with diverticulitis became too much for him to handle. During his time away from the Octagon, Lesnar went back to his roots in the WWE. He competed in matches with top stars such as John Cena, Roman Reigns, and the Undertaker.

Despite his sucess in WWE, Lesnar was determined to get back into the Octagon. He told ESPN’s Hannah Storm the following.

“It was the hardest decision for me to make. That decision has haunted me for the last 15 months. I figured I couldn’t live like that for the rest of my life. I’m a big believer in living out your dreams and facing your fears.”

It’s apparent that Brock wants to fight in the UFC again, but the UFC wants Brock just as bad.¬†With Connor McGregor sitting out of UFC 100, the company needed another cash cow to headline the show. While Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are certainly going to warrant a lot of PPV buys, it’s Lesnar that has proven to be UFC’s biggest attraction.

Lesnar has been featured on the main event for three of the UFC’s top selling PPV’s in company history. His rematch against Frank Mir at UFC 100 was a monumental match, and played a huge factor in making that event their highest selling PPV of all time. His matches at UFC 116 and 121 also helped garner top-ten buys for those two events as well.

The addition of Lesnar to the card will mean big money for UFC. He’s the biggest draw the company has ever had, so it makes perfect sense for Brock Lesnar to return at UFC 200. Although, as big as his return is for the UFC, it’s just as big for him as well.

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