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Brooklyn Nets : With Garnett, Pierce & Terry, Can They Beat The Heat?

BROOKLYN — As the 2013 NBA Draft was held Thursday evening, the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics shocked the NBA in consummating a blockbuster trade that would send Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry to New York’s biggest borough.

This is exactly what Brooklyn needed to not only challenge but also be a threat to the back-to-back defending NBA champion Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference.

With Brooklyn acquiring Garnett he now teams up with center Brook Lopez, building a twin tower like front court. Both players are easily able to rebound and score in the paint, which is two of Miami’s biggest weaknesses.

Garnett can also spread the floor and when you add Terry and Pierce to the mix, Brooklyn’s offense now has two deadly shooters who will easily be able to shoot the three; something Brooklyn sorely lacked.

In adding Terry and Pierce as well as starters Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, Brooklyn can now match up with the Heat from behind the arc in addition to countering Miami’s three point stable of Mike Miller, Shane Battier and Allen, with Terry and Pierce now in Brooklyn, they can both contribute to the Nets the same way Allen, Battier and Miller have for Miami.

Defensively, Garnett has made his career out of playing hard and competitive defense against Miami he shuts down the paint. Pierce can be continue to be physical and push and shove James all over the court, while making clutch shots as well.

Even at this point of his storied career, Pierce can shut down LeBron or Wade if necessary, which would force the ball out of their hands and make Miami look elsewhere.

The backcourt duo of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson gets a big boost with the addition of Terry, as Terry can now give Williams and Johnson a breather, leaving them fresh for late game situations against Miami, which will be key to contend against them.

Brooklyn’s newly bolstered starting lineup of Williams, Johnson, Garnett, Pierce and Lopez, two of which are future Hall-Of-Famers in Garnett and Pierce, makes them a formidable challenge to Miami on paper, all that now remains to be seen is how well they mesh on the court.

If the pieces fall in correctly and every player plays their part, the Nets can not only contend and compete with Miami, but possibly win the NBA title in 2014.

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