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Brooks Wells Offers DIY Tips to Make Your Yard More Enjoyable This Summer

As the days get longer and the air gets warmer, you’re likely starting to think about spending more and more time outdoors in the fresh air. Why not consider breathing new life into your outdoor living space?

Transforming your backyard doesn’t require a large investment. According to Brooks Wells, Founder and CEO of Major League Lawn Care, a small investment in professional lawn care or a couple of DIY projects can easily turn your outdoor living area into a popular gathering place.

Here are Brooks Wells DIY tips to make your yard more enjoyable this summer:

1. Look at your outdoor space through minimalist eyes:

Are there piles of kids’ toys, empty planters, or unused garden tools cluttering every corner? Get rid of the things you don’t use by donating them or selling them on Kijiji – everything else can be neatly organized or put into a garden shed for storage.

2. Give your deck a facelift:

You’d be surprised what a good scrub or power wash can do for a deck. While you’re at it, scrub down tables and chairs and other patio furniture.

3. Pay attention to your plants:

Prune bushes, pull out dead plants, rid your garden and walkways of weeds. You might even consider creating an edible garden full of vegetables and herbs.

4. Add a rainbow of color:

Nature is beautiful. A few brightly colored flowers can do wonders for turning a drab, boring yard into an inviting and fun space.

5. Put in a walkway:

If your yard doesn’t already have a path or some sort of walkway, consider creating one using stones, or sand or even tiles. Brooks Wells explains that these walkways could even be used to divide specific areas like the patio or kids’ play area.

6. Buy high-quality furniture:

Whether you want to host guests or relax outside after a long day, you will need a comfortable patio set and table – If you don’t have a lot of shade, you might even consider a decorative umbrella.

7. Build a firepit:

Typically, fire pits are built from landscape stones or bricks, but you can build your own using a sunken washer drum, or even a few strategically placed cinder blocks. Just remember to create a solid base with gravel first!

8. Get swinging:

If you have space, add a porch swing and a couple of pillows to help make your yard feel more inviting and cozy.

9. Add a water feature:

Mini ponds, fountains, or even small waterfalls can all create an environment of peace and tranquility – they also encourage wildlife like frogs and birds to visit.

10. Think of the children:

If you have children, give them a space of their own. DIY backyard games, a garden race track, even a few water gun targets on a fence can all help keep the kids outside and away from the television screens.

Brooks Wells believes that incorporating even a couple of these DIY projects into your backyard will elevate it from a basic area to an inviting space for family and friends. Whether your hosting a large event or spending some quality time with a loved one, your backyard will be equipped for comfort and fun.

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