Yes the Buffalo Bills signed another player with the name Duke Williams, and no it’s not the old safety that used to play for them a couple of years ago.  This one played for the Auburn Tigers in 2015 and was highly touted as one of the best receiving prospects in that year’s draft class, however he had issues with attending class and was dismissed by the team before the season ended. With that and a combined lackluster scouting combine performance in Indianapolis, caused whatever stock he might have had left.

Williams was signed by the Los Angeles Rams on May 10th, 2016 as an undrafted free agent, but by the end of camp he was waived. This didn’t deter Williams, as he took his talents north of the border to the Canadian Football League and signed with the Edmonton Eskimos.

In his first year in Edmonton, Duke had 46 catches with 508 yards receiving and two touchdowns, not great but not horrible in his first year. This past season, Williams got his legs under him more so and led the CFL with 1579 yards receiving and with 11 touchdowns, was also fourth in the league with 88 catches and second with 425 yards after catch. He was granted an early release from his CFL contract, as some talents up there to pursue a dream to play in the NFL.

The 6-foot-3  inch, 225 lb. Williams has a lot of the tools coaches covet in the NFL, not to mention will have a quarterback in Josh Allen that will not hesitate to throw the long ball his way early and often if he makes the team. With his frame would instantly make him the largest receiver on the Bills currently as most are under six-foot tall but are super quick.

All and all this could be a low risk, super high reward signing for the Buffalo Bills, and also for D’haquille “Duke” Williams as a triumphant return to the NFL after his career seemingly fizzled out before it got started. Best of luck to you in Western New York in 2019.

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