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Bullet Club: Who’s The Real Leader?

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Who’s the real leader of the Bullet Club? We all know it’s currently Kenny Omega, but Cody Rhodes makes a compelling case to be the faction’s primary focus. Is the clock about to strike midnight for Omega?

Some say Omega is the best wrestler in New Japan. His matches with Okada were some of the best of the year. It somehow feels like he’s losing grip over the Bullet Club. Surprising, to say the least, Omega might not be able to fight off the onslaught of Cody.

Brought into the Bullet Club because of his popularity worldwide, Cody has been quite assertive during his time with BC. Already the Ring of Honor Champion, he challenged Okada to a match at the G1 special in the United States, ultimately losing. It wasn’t without fireworks though, as Omega wanted to throw in the towel on Cody during the match.

Call it jealousy, but it appeared Omega didn’t want Cody with the belt. To be the alpha dog, Omega must be the one to hold the IWGP Heavyweight belt. And while Omega did win the IWGP United States title the next night, it creates an interesting dynamic between the two champs as they seem driven to be the best at any cost.

So who’s the best fit for the leader of BC? Omega still has the edge on Cody. There’s no clear-cut answer. It appears Omega has the support of the Club right now. It’s unclear if Cody’s motives to dethrone Omega will work. We are all but guaranteed a match between the two at some point, possibly for control of Bullet Club.

Who knows what the writers of New Japan will come up with next. As it stands now, Omega is still leading the Club. Cody obviously wants to take full control. We can’t predict what will happen, but Omega has been the leader for quite some time now. Perhaps, it’s the right time to hand the reigns over to someone else?

Wrestlers such as Finn Balor and A.J. Styles have led the Bullet Club in the past. And while Omega might not be leaving for the WWE as they have, he’s still overstayed his welcome as the faction leader. That doesn’t mean he’s bad as the BC main guy; it just signals his time is done. Cody brings a different dynamic to them, and perhaps it’s time we see that.

Both Omega and Cody are top stars in New Japan and the U.S.A., although Omega isn’t as frequent with promotions such as Ring of Honor as Cody is. It’s unclear as to who the fans would want as the leader of Bullet Club. In the end, as long as the quality of the work in the ring is top-notch, I guess it doesn’t matter who leads the BC. But it’s certainly an interesting topic for debate.

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