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Business: How to Design the Perfect Corporate Uniform

The workplace is very different nowadays than it used to be a decade ago. Big corporations are particularly involved in creating modern workplaces that encourage efficiency and creative thinking. As such, a classic work uniform no longer matches the modern workplace. Nonetheless, uniforms are still necessary in any industry.

They create consistency in the brand’s image, they create a sense of unity and equality among the staff members, and they can even improve the efficiency of the staff. Wearing a special uniform makes employees feel like they are part of a system, and it helps them be more responsible and accountable for their work.

Nonetheless, in order for uniforms to actually provide these benefits, they need to have a design that matches the company image, and that satisfies the needs of the staff. In the following lines, we will discuss some basic guidelines for designing the ideal corporate uniform.


For businesses that work directly with customers, the colors of the uniform should match the brand’s colors. This will make it easier to customers to locate your staff if they need help with anything, and it will also create consistency in your brand image. If the brand’s colors are too flashy, you can design uniforms in complementary colors, and complete them with small branded accessories, like custom ties for the men and scarves for the women.

In office environments that don’t have direct customer contact, you don’t need to opt for colors that match the brand. Instead you can opt for elegant colors like different hues of blue, gray, white and black.


As we already mentioned, the modern workplace must encourage creativity. As such, try not to force your employees to wear a uniform that they might not like. Instead, consider consulting them when designing the uniform. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to settle on a design that everybody likes.

As such, it might be easier and more efficient to opt for a suite of designs and give your staff the opportunity to choose which one they prefer. Just make sure that all the options work well together and create a cohesive look at the workplace.

For example, instead of opting for a single shirt design, opt for several designs in different hues of the same colors, with different patterns. Workwear diversity is also a great way to allow your employees a certain level of individual expression and fit in with current casual culture. Make sure the uniforms are also culturally appropriate. Moreover, you can also use different uniform designs to define various staff roles.


Branding the uniforms can provide your business with numerous advantages. First of all, since your employees are the ambassadors of your brand, it makes sense for them to wear clothes that advertise your brand. Even if they don’t work directly with customers, they will still interact with suppliers or business partners.

Moreover, they will probably wear the uniforms on their way to work, so you can use this opportunity to advertise your business for free. If you don’t think that it makes sense to invest in fully branded uniforms, opt for small accessories like branded ties, scarves, caps or badges.

Comfort and functionality

Last but not least, keep in mind that it is essential for the uniforms to be comfortable and functional so that your staff can perform their tasks with ease. Opt for quality materials that allow the skin to breathe and which can be easily cleaned. Moreover, make sure the uniforms have a comfortable tailoring, so that your employees can move freely.

It also helps if you consult with them and see what types of uniforms would best allow them to easily perform their tasks. They might even offer suggestions for designs that can improve their work efficiency. For example, additional pockets might come in handy for employees that need to carry a lot of things with them.

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