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Business: Lifting Equipment Lifts Your Heavy Loads


March 28, 2017

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By Lauren Bracy

Lifting equipment is equipment that is used to lift lower loads including any attachments used for the same. These machines are by a variety of industries ranging from construction to healthcare.

Basically, all businesses with commercial activities would need to use these machines at some point.

It can be anything that is required to be lifted and transported to another place or fixed over something like in the construction industry. For tall buildings where a person cannot reach, these lifting equipment’s can help you to reach the height and you can lift the goods from the ground level.

Regulations for operating the lifting equipment:

There are many health and safety regulations that need to be complied with when it comes to lifting equipment. Since they carry heavy loads, it becomes necessary that the standards are met as accidents can cause major damages.

The driver of these equipment also needs to be a qualified one and one who has received the necessary training to operate them.

  • All these equipment are subject to regular inspections and checks by health inspectors who come in and review the machines and their operation and whether they are kept and maintained in the conditions prescribed by law.
  • However, it must be known that the regulations governing the lifting equipment excludes within its purview certain machines such as escalators, tipper trucks, shutter doors and the like but maybe governed by other laws so safety standard still need to be met.
  • The reason being that these equipment can provide to be very dangerous specially if not operated and used properly and can cause injury to the people on the site and premises. It is wise and recommended that the lifting equipment be placed in such a position to reduce risk to the maximum to people, the other equipment and the surroundings.

Types of crane available in the market for industrial uses:

  • Overhead cranes are the most common used in construction industries especially where heavy loads need to be constantly moved from one place to the other. They are also known as bridge cranes, which can be found as single beam ones and double beam ones. The single beam cranes are used to lift not so heavy items whereas the heavy beam cranes are used to life the heavier loads usually weighting ten tons and more.
  • Electrical chain hoists are used for lifting weighing heavier than twenty tons. They are built as per the specifications given by the customer and hence are not standard so prices may vary. They can be purchased online or if unsure advice can be sought by the sales representatives who are trained to recommend the products.
  • One can also find jib cranes, which uses electrical chain hoists, the gantry crane found near ports for loading and unloading shipping containers and loader cranes, which are found on the back of trucks which again help in loading and unloading from the trucks.
  • Wire rope hoists are suitable in any industry where a lifting capacity of up to eighty tons is needed. It is highly adaptable which is its greatest advantage and can be found in a standard form and one with the highest specification.

Most industries hire the crane and lift equipment’s on rent because the price of these machines is huge, and you need to pay the additional maintenance cost along with the operator salary.

When you take these lifting equipment on rent, you do not need to pay any additional amount and you can also avail the instant replacement facility for your damaged crane.

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