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Okay, so everybody that thinks they know basketball and many who do know basketball take one look at the Houston Rockets and they tell me, “You know Snowman, these Rockets are for real – they can unseat the Warriors!”

And I say to these people – NO WAY!

I am not and will not buy the Houston Rockets as the best team in the West. Even given their 60-plus win season, multiple winning streaks of ten or more games, James Harden being the leading MVP candidate (which I think should not happen) and their version of the seven-second offense.

You really expect me to buy the Houston Rockets when their leading scorer does not have a right-handed dribble? When their center can get bullied in the post from time to time? When their second shooting guard (Gordon) can draw blanks from time to time?

Not me says I! Not a chance!

There are two points of culpability with this team. Already mentioned Harden – you expect to sell me on Harden leading his team to a title when he barely is shooting 37 percent from the field this season in this volume-shooting offense? Nada.

The Other – D’Antoni.

Yes the Rockets are averaging 113.4 points per game, and giving up 104.2. So their plus 9 on the season. But how many times have they let teams hang around or had taken them to OT before the Rockets pulled it out? Turnovers, lapses in offense, and the fact that they barely play defense will haunt them.

And let me add a couple other things – age.

What you don’t believe me? Check this out:

James Harden, 8th season
Trevor Ariza, 13th Season
Joe Johnson, 16th Season
Ryan Anderson, Eric Gorden, Luc Mbah a Moute – 9th season (each)
Nene – 15th season
Gerald Green – 10th season

And that’s the core – where you need fresh legs to get you through a playoff grind. And these guys who run so much are going to have so many miles on them from the regular season to withstand several seven game series.

Oh by the way, remember the LAST time the Rockets got close to the Finals? 2015 – Remember what happened then? Yeah – they got demolished – BY THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! And wait til they get healthy!

Snowman’s Result – SELL

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