Padded Picnic Blanket

Planning a picnic is the best way to make memories with your loved ones. A short-picnic spotting beaches & parks in summers are full of fun. Moreover, picnics bring your children close to you. Trekking in winters is pretty challenging; however, it gives huge inner-relief to adventurers. Mountain trekking is also highly fascinating when you are going with your friends or partner. Here, a padded picnic blanket comes in handy!  


Of course, you carry eatables & drinks to relish the outdoor experience. Moreover, a bag of safety, including a first aid kit, is highly recommended. Forgetting a comfy picnic blanket can spoil your picnic. It’s a must-item while going for a picnic or an adventurous trip. So, I will be emphasizing six considerations before buying a padded picnic blanket. Swipe up to continue reading.


➤Best For Travel

Undoubtedly, you’re purchasing a picnic blanket for outdoor recreation. Traveling heals the mind & body; it acts as a relaxing therapy. Mooley99 offers a water-resistant picnic blanket that is easy to carry. It folds up into a pocket-sized pouch. Probably, take it anywhere. 


➤ Go with Trend

Another consideration is that your padded traveling mat should not be out of fashion. Personally, I prefer pale colors rather than prints as they are much in-trend. The minimal mat look signifies eliteness.


➤Easy to Clean

Spending money on worthy items is also a great investment. I ordered a waterproof beach mat from Mooley99, which is a worthy experience. It’s been a year, and it still looks like a new picnic mat. Very easy to clean; wipe with a clean-dry cloth to remove the dust. In case of any stain, it’s easy to remove with a wet cloth. 


➤Size Suiting Your Needs

I feel the size of the picnic mat is based on individual needs. For instance, it is better for family usage to look for L (large) size mat, i.e., 200x143cm and weight 160 gm. M (medium) size can work best for a couple of 143×100 cm which weighs 80 g. 



As I mentioned, I ordered from Mooley99 a year back and haven’t faced any issue till yet. Make sure from where you get the padded picnic mat must be a reliable source. You can also read the reviews before getting them. It’s a waste of money if your travel mat doesn’t work for a year. 


➤Adjustable to Any Surface

Many people have a different experience with a sample travel mat. They felt uncomfort by laying the mat on a rough surface and pretty soft on the sand surface when enjoying a beach trip. Ensure your mat stands true to every surface and doesn’t render any uneasiness. 




Shopping for a waterproof picnic blanket is a worthwhile decision. You don’t need to go store to store as online sources are easy to access. Moreover, by reading these important facts, you might have a better idea of buying a quality padded travel blanket. Getting the picnic blanket from Mooley99 covers all these essential features in my case. I hope it works for you well. 

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