When people say they’d like to find success creating content for YouTube but aren’t too keen on appearing in videos, they don’t know how close they are to making their desire a reality. The thing they want is not only possible, but it’s something that YouTube channel owners like Caleb Boxx have been doing for a while. It rests on the concept of a cash cow channel.

The term “cash cow” is usually used to describe assets that provide a steady return on investment and don’t need that big of an investment to set up. The return is also significantly larger than the initial investment. So a cash cow YouTube channel would be a channel that earns its owner money and doesn’t cost a lot in terms of content production.

In practice, cash cow YouTube channels are usually the types of channels that create content out of B-roll and voice-overs. These channels also tend to be devoted to a certain niche or theme, and they might post content that shares a certain profile and visual style. When it comes to their ability to create profit and offer a decent return on investment, they have a lot of potential, especially when governed in the same way that Caleb Boxx runs his cash cow YouTube channels.

Caleb’s been in the YouTube content business since 2016 when his curiosity and business sense guided him to find mentorship from some of the biggest content creators of the day. In the years since, Caleb has managed to grow his success on the platform exponentially.

In part, Caleb’s success was because YouTube was and still is a great place to set up a cash cow channel. No type of content is increasing in popularity like video has been these past couple of years. No platform handles video content better than YouTube, in terms of both technical capabilities and monetization options. So even if platforms such as Twitch might compete with YouTube on, let’s say, video streaming, YouTube can still come out on top because of traffic numbers and monetization options.

For all of these reasons and others, the biggest cash cow channel and opportunities for a decent passive income are on YouTube. That’s where the other reason why Caleb is so successful comes in: he doesn’t create content for his channels. His cash cow channels are true cash cows because they have a cost, they turn a profit, and they do so while requiring little more than a couple hours a week of work from Caleb.

The best part of it? Caleb doesn’t only run his own YouTube cash cow channel. He’s set up a business that allows anyone to come on board and learn from him, or to even gain access to Caleb’s trusted team of freelance professionals who create all the content for him. In a world where a cash cow YouTube channel is the next big digital real estate, Caleb offers both turnkey solutions and mentorship.

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