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Can The Miz Reach The Top Without A World Title Run?

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If there is one thing that Mike Mizanin can do, it’s cut a promo. The WWE superstar known as “The Miz” hit the nail on the head Monday night when he emphatically stated that both John Cena and Roman Reigns have been given an opportunity after opportunity to carry the torch for the company that made them both mega superstars.

Like most cases, his words led to a confrontation with both baby faces in the ring – with Samoa Joe as his partner in the main event.

The current Intercontinental champion carries the banner for WWE’s mid card on Monday nights. The company may have changed his gimmick a bit – taking his beautiful wife Maryse out of the equation – and paring him with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, but it is the same wrestler who uses his many gifts on the microphone to incite WWE’s universe.

It is doubtful there will be another world title opportunity for The Miz in the near future. His best role right now is serving as the company’s chief antagonist – with Kevin Owens a close second. He also will have a stake in helping put Reigns over, which has been the Achilles’ heel of this company the past three years.

Chris Jericho is the master at using both his talent in and out of the ring to promote talent.

A J Styles, Kevin Owens, and Dean Ambrose all benefited from working with the six-time WWE Champion.  It’s possible The Miz could become Monday nights “go to guy” much like Jericho.

Since last year’s brand split, there have been few performers who have benefitted from the change as The Miz has done.

After watching the promo to open Monday night – where Cena and Reigns confront each other, only to be interrupted by the “A-lister” and then Samoa Joe, fans immediately got an earful of The Miz’s brilliance.

It has become obvious to a fault WWE wants to see the 16-time world champion, and the man who cannot win over crowds, in an arena to clash in a mega match for the ages. I believe WWE would be better served if Reigns and The Miz tangled with each other for a bit before such an event. Joe needs a dance partner, and after reading many rumors over the past few weeks, Cena would be the perfect opponent. If Cena puts Joe over before the company pushes him toward a main event program with the Universal Title on the line, there is no doubt in my mind he will be champion – possibly before the end of the year.

WWE created magic Monday night off the heels of a successful SummerSlam pay-per-view. Now the company that has had issues building momentum at times this year, has a golden opportunity to give fans what they want and to create another historic match.

The Miz may not be part of the main event involving Cena and Reigns, but he sure as heck can be a contributing factor to it becoming an instant classic.

That’s the perfect role for an “actor ” in this situation. And right now, nobody does it better than the intercontinental champion.

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