Cleaning a carpet can be quite a chore at the best of times. Moving furniture out of the way, manoeuvring around objects and avoiding your pets and children as you go can be tiring. Avoiding tripping over the power chord, plugging and unplugging as you move through your home and getting right into the corners and along your baseboards can take time. However, despite the challenges involved with maintaining your carpets, it’s important to do so to ensure that they stand the test of time and always look their best.

To ensure that your carpets stay in the best possible condition for years to come, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance. Running a Bissell carpet cleaner over your carpets is a great starting point as these powerful vacuum cleaners are excellent at removing dirt and debris from your carpets. However, along with cleaning your carpets, there are some additional steps that you can take to make sure that your carpets stand up to daily wear and tear over time.

Continue reading to learn how to properly care for your carpet and keep it looking it’s best.

Spot Clean

While your carpet is between cleanings, the spills and smudges that make a carpet look unclean and dirty are usually caused by drinking or eating in the area or from tracking dirt across the carpets on the way to the door. One way to avoid your carpets looking dingy is to invest in a top-quality carpet cleaner and to spot clean these areas regularly. Typically, carpet manufacturers will be able to advise you on the best cleaner for your carpet. You can also use home remedies that can be very effective at removing stains from your carpets.

Vacuum Routinely

Another important part of maintaining your carpets is to vacuum routinely. Today’s hoover technology is far beyond what it was in the not so recent past with robotic vacuums available that can clean while homeowners are away from the home. How much you vacuum all depends on your lifestyle. A single person with children or pets will not have to vacuum as much as a couple with pets and kids. However, a good rule of thumb would be to aim for at least once a week in less travelled areas and twice a week in heavily tracked areas.

Clean Regularly

Experts advise that homeowners should clean their carpets at least once every six months to lengthen their lifespan. There are several carpet cleaners on the market that give users the opportunity to use industrial strength cleaners at home. Typically, the shampooer will come with a cleanser that can be used with the cleaner, and while the cleanser is usually more expensive, it does a great job of getting the dirt and grime off the carpet.

Clean With The Proper Cleansers

To maintain your carpet, it is always good to go with products suggested by the manufacturer. Cleaning with wine, vinegar, and some of the more popular home remedies is great, but they also leave the carpet soiled simply because of their organic nature (especially liquid items). Again, most carpet manufacturers can tell you what products work well with their carpets.

Avoid Carpet Mould

Carpet mould can occur as a result of moisture that builds up in humid environments. If your home is in a humid environment, your carpet may very well be susceptible to mould. Simple ways to reduce the incidence and chance that your carpet gets mouldy is to invest in a dehumidifier, keep temperatures in the home low, routinely clean your carpets, and use organic carpet materials.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Properly maintaining a clean carpet means daily attention but it can be made much easier by minimising the amount of dirt tracked into the house. For a family with children, consider adopting a no-shoes-in-the-house policy. As family members enter the home, a mat or station for taking their shoes off should be present to encourage people to take off their shoes. This can easily reduce the amount of dirt and dust being tracked into the home and keep your carpets in great condition for longer.

Maintaining Your Carpet’s Vibrancy

A clean carpet can really impact the appearance of a room. With routine care, you can avoid the common problems associated with trapped dust and mould that can cause health issues. Ultimately, though, a great looking carpet more than accessorises a room, but it makes it shine and can help create a space that you, as a homeowner, can truly be proud of.

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