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Snowman’s Take! An AFC Title Game Duel In The Kingdom For The Ages!

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Mahomes vs Brady – who would have thunk it.

The Kansas City Chiefs, the #1 seed in the AFC by virtue of their record and AFC West title, face what a lot thought would be the incumbent – the New England Patriots.

All you needed to see was the final 20 minutes of the game – meaning the 4th Quarter and OT.

What you saw was some of the greatest football ever. I said it, and I meant every word.

Not one. Not two. Not three. but FOUR lead changes in the money period. A race against time to get the tying field goal at the end of regulation, a controversial call – or two, or three.

Be that as it may, the legend and the legend-to-be went back and forth in the fourth – and on into period 5. The crowd roared and was silenced with every play. Mahomes gives the Chiefs the lead. Brady responds. Mahomes says “oh yeah, take THIS!” Brady responds again – just as cool, calm as his Joe Cool predecessor.

In the end, it was the current legend in Brady that got the last score of the game and led the Patriots to an unprecedented ninth Super Bowl appearance during his tenure with an unbelievable 37-31 win in overtime in the toughest place to play a game.

As much as many many fans, myself included, want to see Brady meet his career end, he keeps appearing like a bad penny. But he brings so much more and so much resiliency. So much experience. So much knowledge and NERVE.

And it was the experience, knowledge, and nerve that won him this duel in Kansas City.

Taking nothing – and the Snowman means NOTHING – away from Patrick Lavon Mahomes, II – who brought his team to the brink of a place where they have not been since 1970, in his first full season as a starter, putting up 5,000 yards, 50 touchdowns, and garnering possibly his first Most Valuable Player award, he ran up against the best of this era. Experience, knowledge, and nerve won this game.

But it put not only Brady in the spotlight, but Mahomes as well. As long as Brady breathes, we may see him and Mahomes do it in the post season again.

And again, and again even. Let’s just hope Mahomes can match him as he did today and even win a couple times.

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