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Grand Theft Auto V Release, A Monster Success, Generates $800 Million After Launch.

The team at Take Two had exciting news about the release of Grand Theft Auto V as it recently announced that the game generated around $800 million in sales during the first 24 hours after its release. The team has also announced that the amount is just about the highest first-day retail sales of any game title and that includes all the other GTA games. The team has eventually then
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Video Games : Microsoft Announces Launch Date Of Xbox One

Microsoft has released the long-awaited date of their addition to the seventh generation of video game consoles. November 22nd ,the Xbox One will launch in 13 territories. The two largest of these would be the United States and the United Kingdom. This date is one week later than Sony Corps PlayStation 4, which will release on November 15th. The 22nd is also one week before Black Friday in the US.
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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 : Console War Heats Up At Gamerscom

With Gamerscom, in Cologne, Germany coming to end this week, the console war between video game juggernauts Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 is just beginning.  Here is what is known so far: both Sony and Microsoft are launching their entry into the seventh generation of gaming consoles in November. Sony has released their console street date, November 15, 2013. With no word out of the Microsoft camp, all
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Splinter Cell Blacklist Review : Same Old Fisher, Same Great Gameplay

Plot: With the absence of Michael Ironside, Sam Fisher may not sound like his old self. However, within moments of the prologue it is clear that this is the same old Fisher, just a meaner, older, and better-equipped version of himself. Splinter Cell: Blacklist picks up after the events of Conviction, where Fisher had to save President Patricia Caldwell from the mole operating inside the élite counterterrorist force “Third Echelon”.