If your little one has just starting crawling or walking, you’re clearly entering into uncharted territory. Now, everything seems like a potential threat to the safety and well being of your child. Everything they come into contact with from products to electrical outlets probably stresses you out. Now is the time to act in order to keep your child safe and put your mind at ease. Childproofing your house is probably much easier than you think. Take a thorough look around your home, inside and out, and use this guide to create as secure an environment as possible for your kids.

It’s OK to sweat the small things.

According to the National Safety Council, suffocation is the leading cause of unintentional death in children under the age of four. A small decision like leaving a blanket or stuffed animal in a crib could seriously endanger your infant. Even though it’s cute, make sure you take those items out before putting your baby down to sleep. Small items, such as batteries and small toys can also be fatal. If you have an older child who has toys that are choking hazards, make sure you have a very serious conversation about putting the toys in an unreachable place once they’re finished playing. It might not be a bad idea to put those toys in a place where the older child is also unable to reach them, so you can more easily monitor when they are being used.

Be wary of stagnant water.

Any kind of place that holds water can be dangerous to children. Even places like bathtubs. Never leave your child unattended when there is water. It doesn’t take much to have a big situation on your hands. Even if your child isn’t allowed to go outside without you — if you have a swimming pool or hot tub make sure you have pool fencing to deter any accidents. Pool fencing not only protects your child, but also any other kids that may wander, uninvited onto your property without your knowledge. If fencing your pool isn’t the way you want to handle protecting your outdoor space, you can look into durable pool nets and safety covers. Pool Guard has been making pools safe for children for over twenty years. They will be able to help you find exactly what you need to keep your pool area childproof.

Stroll safely.

Although all strollers ultimately perform the same function, not all of them are built the same. You would think a product made specifically for children would be built with that child’s safety in mind; however, some are more successful than others. For example, some strollers have superior five-point safety harnesses, like the City Mini GT, which will keep your child securely in place, even when things get a little bumpy. If shopping for the right stroller feels overwhelming, Stroller Buzz totally understands and can help you make an informed purchase by recommending stroller products of all kinds. They know everything from the best strollers for winter weather to which stroller/car seat combo can fit your lifestyle the best. Look no further than Stroller Buzz for thorough advice.

Products up, up, and away.

It’s no mystery that reasoning with a toddler is nearly impossible. Even if they seem to understand some of what you tell them about what they can and cannot touch, they’re willfully learning their way through the world. Cleaning products and other toxic agents can look a lot like your child’s favorite apple juice. Take the temptation away by either securely locking your cleaning cabinet with childproof locks or put those products in a high place they could never reach. Your child’s safety is worth the minor hassle of gates and locks.

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