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WWE Rumors: Shane McMahon vs Brock Lesnar facing off in the future?

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We are a few days removed from WWE’s Summerslam that happened in Brooklyn, New York. The main event of the card saw Brock Lesnar defeat Randy Orton by a TKO. It should be noted TKO finishers in professional wrestling are not a normal thing to have to occur. After the doctors had attended to a busted open Randy Orton, Smackdown Live commissioner, Shane McMahon came out to check on his guy. However, Brock Lesnar would not allow him to and would perform an F-5 on him as well.

After this had happened, there were reports going around that by Brock Lesnar performing the F-5 on Shane McMahon that is was going to be teasing for a match between the two of them at a later time. There has been some possibility we could see this match happen at either Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida. I don’t want to see these guys get into a ring for the biggest reason is Shane would probably not survive.

Before his match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32, the last time Shane was in the ring was during a May 4th episode of RAW when he had a match against Randy Orton. In seven years, Shane McMahon has had three matches. On the other side, Brock Lesnar has had 25 matches since he returned to WWE in 2012. If those two fought, it would be a quick match as Lesnar would destroy Shane, and it would be a Brock Lesnar type of match as Brock would dominate the match.

Recently I was on a podcast, and this topic was brought up, and I explain how I would like this to go down. I painted this picture as we inch closer to the Royal Rumble, you can have it set that Brock will be going up against a person of Shane McMahon’s choosing. At the Royal Rumble, because that would probably be the next time we see Brock Lesnar, you have Shane come out and say, “Here is who I chose to go up against Brock.” After a few seconds of silence, you hear Samoa Joe’s music and outcomes, Samoa Joe. That would make Samoa Joe be at the top of the card, and I could see him being someone who could beat Brock.

Let us know in the comments below: Would you like to see Brock Lesnar and Shane McMahon have a match, or would you like to see Shane have a representative?

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