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Cincinnati Bengals: Keys to victory against the Dolphins

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The Cincinnati Bengals have started the 2016 season off in a surprising way dropping to 1-2 with losses to Pittsburgh and Denver the Bengals look to bounce back against a struggling Dolphins team. The Bengals need this win on Thursday night badly to keep up with the Ravens who have started this year off with a bang going 3-0. The Bengals can’t afford to drop to 1-3 with the Ravens and Steelers performing well. Here are the things they need to do to pull out a win.

Find Balance on offense

The Bengals have been one-sided in all of their games so far this year. Week one and two the run game was non-existent, but in week three the passing game left much to be desired. If the Bengals can find balance on their offense then we could see a blowout. With Tyler Eifert possibly returning we could see balance as he will make teams cover him and leave others open and he is an outstanding run blocker. His return could help the Bengals find balance

Don’t turn over the ball

The Bengals have had a problem holding onto the ball this season and with the firepower, the Dolphins have on offense with Landry, Parker. and Foster the Bengals can’t be giving them momentum because they will eventually capitalize on it. With the weather being a factor the Bengals need to hold onto the ball to help avoid falling to 1-3 on the season.

Shut down their passing game

The Bengals gave up 312 passing yards in week 3 against the Broncos to an unproven QB. Tannehill has great potential and with him having the most underrated WR in the NFL in Jarvis Landry and another good wide-out in Devante Parker the Bengals could have another bad day if they don’t plan accordingly. They didn’t rush the QB too much in the Broncos game which led to someone getting open. Vontaze Burfict is returning this week which will have a huge impact on the defense all the way around with the energy and leadership he brings I would expect a lot more QB pressures this week.

Don’t be blinded by the prime time lights

Andy Dalton is 2-6 in primetime games and Marvin Lewis is 6-15 in primetime games. Those numbers are awful and if the Bengals are blinded by the lights again Thursday it could throw a wrench in their playoff hopes. The Bengals need to find their groove on these primetime games if they can we could see a whole new Bengals squad. No one knows why they do bad on primetime games but this game is a very winnable one for them. Andy Dalton needs to put all the hate behind him and play his game.

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